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The Gadget Lover’s Amazon

Love can be crazy, and when it is for gadgets, it couldn’t be crazier! “The Gadget Flow” understands your immense attraction for gadgets

PR Sucks Because You’re Doing It Wrong

It’s no secret that PR has a bad rap – and rightfully so. For the majority of companies, it’s a huge (note: colossal) waste of money and time. F

Get a More Productive Sales Team – 4 Rules From a Startup

Some people hear you run a startup and assume you roll into work at a different time each day, shirt un-tucked, Red Bull in hand, ready to meet your y

SIM, SIM, One More SIM, and Many More SIMs

Russia has started to abolish mobile slavery, something that prevents them from switching operators without changing their numbers, but has approached

eClinical Solution for Clinical Problems

Pharmaceutical Research and Development is at a technological crossroad. Presented with the opportunity to substantially reduce costs associated with

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

1. SVForum Announces First-Ever Startup Expo Day   Silicon Valley’s leading non-profit devoted to innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship,

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

1. Hackers Offered Cash, Booze to Crack iPhone Fingerprint Security   Hackers are excited for Friday’s iPhone 5S release; not because they want

The Ask: Don’t Go Into a Meeting Without One

You walk into the coffee shop with a pop in your step. This is the meeting you’ve been waiting for all week. The guy whose blogs you’ve been readi

Resilience – The Way To Survive A Cyber Attack

The claim that any Western, information technology dependent society could be brought down by a fifteen-minute cyber attack has recently provoked inte