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Stories Behind the Apps: Crowman & Wolfboy

Tell us about your game! Crowman & Wolfboy is an action/adventure game about two shadow creatures searching for happiness in a dreadful world. 

Stories Behind the Apps: Escape From Alcatraz

Tell us about your game! Escape from Alcatraz is an adventure game where, obviously, you need to Escape from the Alcatraz prison! The game was inspir

No Fun and Games: DDoS Attacks Use Gaming Servers

Each day, 145 million people play online video games. Many of the servers they use are insecure and misconfigured, making online gaming networks easy

Why Underdogs Are Winning the Mobile App Game

  Lately, I’ve heard concerns from a number of entrepreneurial friends in the development community about the influx of big companies into

3 Tactics for Freemium Mobile Games and Development

Freemium Mobile Games and Development One of the greatest benefits the data-driven development paradigm affords a free-to-play mobile studio is the ab