Tech and Startup News: Top 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech and Startup News: Top 7 Things You Missed Today


  1. Khan Academy Accepts Bitcoin


As bitcoin becomes more mainstream and decentralized, companies and non-profits are finding a way to participate and encourage donations with the virtual currency. Khan Academy, the non-profit founded by Salmon Khan, has announced today they are able to accept bitcoin donations using Coinbase.


Khan Academy is a well-loved non-profit which provides free, world-class education through online videos, practice exercises, teacher tools with lessons in math, science, finance and history.


2. Facebook Likes Sold on the Black Market


There are 4.5 billion “likes” on Facebook every day, revealing a 67% increase from August 2012. Problem is, not all of the likes are real.


Channel 4 News held an investigation, revealing a regular Facebook user, Richard Southard, had liked 4,787 pages. Most of these pages were out of character when compared to Richard’s real profile, with pages such as: “Sex and Sexy Girls,” and “Muscle Gain Supplements.” When they tracked down the real Richard Southard, an executive at US TV network, he explained his account had been hacked.


This “black market” style of selling Facebook fans is booming, however, with 14,000+ companies offering this service. Richard Baxter, managing director of SEO Gadget, explained, “Unfortunately I think there are probably as many people involved in the illegitimate side of this kind of marketing, as there are in the legitimate side of marketing. This is a serious industry.”

3. XBOX One Wireless Controller to Cost $60.00

The Xbox One Wireless Controller used 200 prototypes, and will introduce more than 40 technology upgrades. Among the upgrades, is a low power state to conserve battery life. Here are the other features:

Here is an article detailing the features:


4. Can Google’s new Moto X Phone Save Motorola?


In a crowded marketplace, Google and Motorola are releasing a new smartphone with personalization options, such as different colors and materials for the phone.


This will be the first mainstay device released since Google paid $12.5 billion for the flailing smartphone manufacturer in 2012. Analysts are not impressed, stating the hardware is average and the Moto X does not have the technological innovation the current marketplace demands to compete against Samsung and Apple.


“We would have expected magic from somebody like Google, and this is not magic,” Roger Entner, an analyst with Recon Analytics, said.


The handset is expected to go on sale end of August or beginning of September with a price of $199.99 with new two-year contract


5. Yahoo Buys RockMelt


In a long string of acquisitions, Yahoo has announced they are buying RockMelt for an estimated $60 to $70 million (source: All Things D).


RockMelt appeared in 2010 as a browser with a twist, but then pivoted to a more Flipboard-style social feeds publisher. RockMelt has announced it will shut down its apps by the end of this month, making it apparent the acquisition was talent-based. 32 employees will be joining Yahoo.


Here’s a list of Yahoo’s recent acquisitions since Mayer joined as CEO: Lexity, Ztelic, AdMovate, Summly, Astrid, Milewise, Loki Studios, Go Poll Go, PlayerScale, Rondee, Ghostbird Software and Tumblr.


6. IndieGoGo Used to Raise Money for Acid Victims in India


A new IndieGoGo campaign aims to raise money for the victims of acid attacks in India. The horrific problem effects an estimated 1,000 women every year – many of them too poor to pay for the medical treatment for the wounds.


Six campaigns have been organized with the help of Stop Acid Attacks, an advocacy group.  All of the victims are women who either resisted a male attacker or refused a pre-arranged marriage.


7. Download Free Online Text Books – Just in Time for School

Here are some great services for downloading free text books online


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