Tech Devices for Back Pain

Tech Devices for Back Pain

Tech Devices for Back Pain

Back pain has been a scourge for centuries – fortunately in the 21st century there is plenty of tech to help prevent it.

Magic Back

When it comes to pain relief, this tool is great due to the three variable levels included. If you have not bent your back much in recent years, you will need to slowly work your way into use of the device. Use in either direction at least two times each day. Your sessions should last for five minutes, increasing the duration or frequency as you become more accustomed to the device.

If you experience discomfort or pain when using the Magic Back, you might want to cover it with a pillow or mat so that you can minimize the symptoms that you are experiencing.


This fun device is worn near your waistband and monitors your breathing patterns. Alerts are given to you with reminders related to correct posture or breathing patterns. You will learn to maintain correct posture and intuitively know the difference between belly and chest breathing, as well as how to use them to your advantage.


Do you have difficulty maintaining a straight spine? If so, then the Spine-Worx is an excellent choice for you to purchase and use. This device will help to stretch out your spinal muscles and connective tissues. The relief that can be felt with regular use is amazing. You sit at the base of the unit, slowly uncurling your spine into place between two racks. Your muscles will begin to relax, though the initial sensations might be quite unpleasant as your tense muscles revolt against the new arrangements. Read the contraindications before attempting to use the device.


Prevention and recovery are the name of the game for the MacBreakZ app. This app works on your posture and will provide stretches and demonstrations to improve muscle tension and pain. Poor circulation and certain vision problems associated with spinal misalignment are also corrected with regular and correct use of the device.

Choose Mattress

There are a number of great mattresses out there made from all sorts of modern materials that will help prevent back issues and problems. These mattresses are specially created with technologies that in one manner or another to aid and support and relieve back pain.

Zensufu Acupressure Mat

You can purchase the Zensufu Acupressure Mat and Pillow in order to experience tremendous pain relief in your back and neck. Covered with numerous spines that improve the circulation and break up the tension in your muscles and connective tissues, the Zensufu mat and pillow are great to use and home and while traveling. Although the initial sensations can be quite strong, once you become accustomed to it, you will feel a warm, healing heat radiating from the area being treated. The unit comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation no matter where you are going!

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