12 Tech Tools to Help You Succeed

12 Tech Tools to Help You Succeed

12 Tech Tools to Help You Succeed

Hundreds of startups are hard at work creating tech tools designed to help other companies succeed. Ironic? Perhaps, but the beauty lies in the fact that they are available for all to share and use. Whether it’s the ability to outsource a design for the new company logo or to optimize the content on a website’s homepage, tech tools have the power to improve your company’s workflow significantly if used effectively. So which are worth paying attention to?

So here are the 12 tech tools that can also help streamline your business:

Virtual Assistance: If menial tasks are eating up a lot of your time, your best bet is to outsource them. A couple great virtual assistance services are Fancy Hands and Red Butler, which offer monthly memberships allowing you and/or your colleagues to call on independent contractors to make the reservations, pick up the packages, and schedule the flights that otherwise would cut into your time. This way you can spend more time focusing on important tasks that require your particular attention. 

Design: Outsourcing graphic design can be a cost efficient way of vamping up a company’s corporate image. 99Designs is a unique tool that allows a user to create contests in which different artists compete to create the perfect design. Once they are all submitted, the user can select their favorite to purchase or otherwise, not pay a dime.

Web Optimization: Optimizely is a great web tool that allows users to run A/B tests and track clicks, conversions, and signups to best tailor a website to its users in order to maximize engagement. Altering a website even slightly – changing the font or even darkening the shade of a color – has the power to dramatically increase conversions.

Recruiting: The Resumator is an effective recruiting tool that a) provides an easy application process for applicants and b) allows companies to customize their features according to their unique recruiting workflow. One can easily manage all job posts plus manage and track all applicants from The Resumator dashboard. When looking for a qualified intern, InternMatch is strong recruiting tool that connects businesses with students around the country looking for part-time or unpaid internships. It partners with university career centers to help find the perfect fit for your company, and provides free templates and advice on intern recruiting.

Prospecting: SalesLoft is an incredibly useful tool that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn so sales reps can pull the most important information – including the individual’s name, where they work, their contact info, and job title – from multiple sources and aggregate them onto one dashboard. Rapportive creates contact profiles in Gmail that includes a photo, links to their social media sites, recent messages and more; this can be helpful when trying to verify the accuracy of a contact’s email address, if you don’t already have it.

Legal Services: For small and growing companies, the efficiency and affordability of online legal services is key. Though they each have varying membership programs, LegalZoom and RocketLawyer are both great tools that allow individuals to access legal documents such as wills, trusts, and LLCs and reach out for further legal advice. This will save you the time and the cost of hiring an attorney.

Retention: Google and Facebook have helped set a high standard for company culture. For small to middle-sized companies that can’t afford to offer extravagant perks like on-site laundry and gym services, AnyPerk is a great alternative that provides employee discounts to gym memberships, movie tickets, cell phone plans and more. Plus, it provides HR with the ability to easily reward employees with online gift cards and track the activities trending via which perks are redeemed by their employees. CEO Chef is another unique team-building tool that brings teams together through gourmet cooking classes and competitions. Company culture has a direct and positive impact on employee engagement and productivity, so if you haven’t started thinking about how this affects your company, we encourage you to start.

Tiffany Durinski


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