Technological Advances in the Fashion Industry

Technological Advances in the Fashion Industry

Technological Advances in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has always been cutting edge and in recent years we’ve seen some cutting edge advances in it as well as some great consumer ones too. Let’s take a look at some of the best.


Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts


Summertime means spending more time at the beach and the pool. Stash’s waterproof pocket shorts allow you to carry all of your tech devices without worrying about the damaging effects of water. These innovative shorts feature a waterproof pocket that protects all of your non waterproof gear. This patented design can be used for swimwear, backpacks, jackets, life vests and waders. The pocket is attached using a lock-down fitment and then it is securely sewn into the shorts.


LED Shoes


The area of LED shoes has become extremely popular in the last couple of years, now that the technology has become low cost enough to fit within a pair of shoes. Companies such as Get Lit Shoes have let the way in creating stylish LED soled shoes which are perfect for everything from EDM to sports.


Rain Palette


Dahea Sun, a Korean-born designer based in London has developed a dress that can act as a pH indicator when it is exposed to rain. This clothing item can alert the wearer to dangerous acid rain. The dress comes with an app, that allows the wearer to scan and upload the dresses color changes to a database. This will provide real-time environmental data about acid rain throughout the world.


Core Heat S2 Jacket


The Core Heat S2 Softshell Jacket helps keep your neck warm by utilizing collar heat. The jacket contains a 4-panel heating system that will keep the wearer’s neck warm for hours. The heating system warms the shoulder blades and the upper part of the chest. With the Core Heat S2 Jacket, priced at $199.99, you can stay warm and look great all throughout the winter season.


BB Suit


Borre Akkersdijk is a Dutch textile developer that has designed the BB suit. This prototype contains copper wires that enable NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, making you a virtual hotspot with MP3 streaming capabilities. The wires are surrounded by two layers of cotton, which ensures the BB suit is comfortable.




The ScotteVest contains 33 separate pockets, allowing you to carry practically anything. The ScotteVest is perfect for those traveling. In fact, many reports the ScotteVest can replace a carry-on bag; however, the TSA may not agree.


Gaze Activate dress


The Gaze dress knows when you are looking its way. The dress contains eye tracking technologies that respond to the human gaze. When the dress is gazed at, small motors in the dress move certain parts of the dress. One dress is covered in photoluminescent threads that hang from ruched fabric. Another dress contains glow in the dark threads. Both of these dresses activate when someone stares at the dress.


Reebok Checklight Skullcap


The Reebok Checklight Skullcap alerts athletes to the impacts they are enduring while participating in a sport. The skullcap measure impacts and are supposed to act as an extra set of eyes when an injury occurs. The sensors are attached to the wearer’s head, which means the details reflect direct impacts to the head instead of the helmet or chin strap. These readings are reliable and provide actionable data on head impacts.


As you can see, more and more designers are embracing technology and creating clothing and fashion that users can appreciate, including a WiFi enabled suit to a cap that can detect concussions.

Cormac Reynolds

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