Throw A Party To Remember with these Cool Gadgets

Throw A Party To Remember with these Cool Gadgets

Throw A Party To Remember with these Cool Gadgets

Hosting a party can be so much fun that you probably won’t even mind having to clean up afterward. During the planning process, you need to think about snacks, beverages, and entertainment. You also need to decide which of your most fabulous friends you want to invite. While all of these factors come into play when determining how memorable your party will be, you can take it to the next level by using some of today’s high-tech gadgets.

Use the Drink Machine by SPRiZZi™ to create delicious beverages for your guests.

What makes this machine unique is that it provides an all-in-one solution for making homemade carbonated drinks. The water is first chilled. Then, carbonation and flavoring are added, creating incredible beverages that your guests are sure to love.

Add amazing lighting effects to your party with LightCan.

Lighting can make or break your party. One way to bring beautiful lighting effects into your space without having to spend a fortune is by purchasing a LightCan. These wireless lights are about the size of a beverage can. The lights themselves come in many different colors and can be operated using a remote control. Multiple lights can be used together to create programmed lighting effects. Alternatively, the lights can be used on their own to provide a wash effect on the walls or to create other interesting effects.

Keep your guests’ beverages icy cold with the Coolest Cooler.

The Coolest Cooler is an innovative cooler that does more than just chill beverages. It also has an integrated blender, a USB port to recharge electronic devices, and a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite music.

Fun Accessories

Whether it’s glasses that look like shutters or t-shirts covered in LEDs or even if you want to go simple and buy glow sticks to hand out- there are lots of ways to provide your party goers with a little bit of novelty. Parties are all about feeling good and the little things can make all the difference.

Keep the tunes going with the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker.

Using your MP3 player to provide music for your party is far more convenient than messing around with CDs. Sadly, however, most speaker docks don’t project enough sound to fill an entire room. This is where the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker can help. This speaker provides incredible sound – especially considering its compact size. Amazingly, you can also use it to charge your device as long as you have an MP3 player or phone that is capable of wireless charging. All you have to do is set it on top of the speaker and it will automatically charge.

Be your own DJ with the IDJ professional DJ controller for your iPad.

The IDJ professional DJ controller is designed to work with your iPad. It allows you to create the perfect dance mix for your guests, keeping the party going all night long. This device is easy and fun to use and can provide an incredible soundtrack for your event.

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