Tips On How To Make Your Instagram Popular

Tips On How To Make Your Instagram Popular

Tips On How To Make Your Instagram Popular
  1. Share Images and Photos People Can Relate To


If you look at some of the most popular Instagram accounts out there, you will notice that almost each one of them follows a common theme. All the photos the user’s post are something that many people can connect with and relate to. They are original, unique, and personal. By sharing such type of photos, you establish a connection with your targeted audience – which is one of the most effective ways to attract people to your Instagram account.


In short, do your best to ensure that your Instagram account looks and feels authentic and original. Consider sharing behind-the-scenes photos, appropriate company celebration/party photos, or the process that goes into the making of your products. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect to connect with/to other users.


  1. Post Your Images at the Right Times


Before posting any media on your Instagram account, it is important that you consider the time zone a majority of your audience and followers live in and what time they often sign in to their accounts.


Typically, a photo or image only has about 4 hours before it vanishes into the midst of the trickling data within the news feed. To keep this from happening, consider posting when you know most of your followers are in their accounts or have down time. For instance, of your targeted audience is high school students, then consider posting your photos and images in the afternoon when a majority of students are either home for the day or are on their lunch break.


If you following is made up primarily of professionals, then consider posting images during rush hours when people are on their way back home from work and are checking their accounts while they wait for traffic to open up.


  1. Use Relevant/Popular Hashtags


Search Webstagram or Google to find the most popular hashtags being used to organize different photos. From your findings, consider using relevant and trending hashtags related to your industry to garner more visibility for your pics; allowing you to generate more interaction. For instance, the top ten hashtags at the moment are: #photooftheday, #instagood, #love, #me, #follow, #like, #cute, #tbt, #tagsforlikes, #followme.


If that seems too complicated for you, then consider using Instagram autocomplete to find the most industry-relevant hashtags.


While hashtags are important assets when seeking to attract new followers, it is important that you do not go overboard with them. Instead of posting entire paragraphs filled with nothing but hashtags, consider selecting 1-3 hashtags for every photo. Any more than that will make your post feel “spammy.”


  1. Follow Others


If you want others to follow you, then you will simply have to follow them. This is one rule of thumb that’s common on almost all social media platforms. So, instead of wantonly uploading photos and expecting that people will come to you, consider putting yourself out there first.


In simpler terms, you need to be active.


Search for brands and users that share common interests, then comment, like and share their images/photos. Follow Instagram influencers and stars and engage them or even ask them for shout-outs. Tools such as Instamacro can help with this.


It is simple – the more engaging you are on Instagram, the more exposure you will receive.


  1. Host contests


One of the best ways to increase engagement and gain new followers is by hosting contests. This tactic is known to work and is used on almost all known social media platforms. But since Instagram is extremely popular, it has become one of the most preferred networks to run contests on.


That good thing about contests is that they are easy to set up and get running. Take an incredible photo, add captions that inform Instagram users that there is a contest underway, use #Contest (it is important you do so) to make your contest easier to find, and let the games begin. Consider sharing your contest on their social media platforms like Facebook.

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