Top 10 Things iOS 9 Does That iOS 8 Doesn’t

Top 10 Things iOS 9 Does That iOS 8 Doesn’t

Top 10 Things iOS 9 Does That iOS 8 Doesn’t

As the new iPhone rolls out this week, so too did the new operating system. So whether you’re deciding to upgrade to the latest edition Apple device or update your current one to operate on the most current iOS, here are the top 10 things you can do with iOS 9 that you couldn’t do with iOS 8.

1. Ad Blocking for the Win

The new iPhone operating system will for the first time ever, allow customers to download third-party applications that are made specifically to block ads. The applications will block those annoying and often interruptive banner and video ads so you can surf the Safari web browser in peace.

2. Back It Up

Not in reference to backing up data in the iCloud, a first-ever back button will let users go back to a previous app. The button appears in the top-left corner, making the ebb and flow of user experience that much smoother.Split View is Twice as Nice

3. Split View is Twice as Nice

If you update specifically for the iPad, you can now get two apps on one screen. This will help Apple rival its competitors, taking away the one-up they did have on the tech giant in tablet world.The New Siri of iPhone

4. The New Siri of iPhone

For fans of Siri, she just got even better. The updated go-to girl/robot assistant has a much wider support for natural language commands across all of the aspects of your phone, allowing Siri to be more proactive in providing assistance. Moreover, the accuracy of word recognition has just a 5% error rate, which is very good considering you’re talking to a computer.Two Assistants Makes it Proactive

5.Two Assistants Makes it Proactive

As if Siri wasn’t enough, the iOS 9 brings Proactive Assistant. Think of this as your own personalized news feed that aggregates data across Siri, Contacts, Calendar and other third-party apps to keep you in the know of relevant real-time information. It curates places nearby, what’s in the news, suggested apps and relevant people you may want to be in touch with.

6. Videos Go In-Depth

Finally, for all the You-Tube viewers of the world, which includes the majority of smartphone owners, you can now zoom in on a video with the new iOS. A simple pinch of the screen can get you a close up of that guy in the back of the video photo bombing.Apple Maps Give You the Play-By-Play

7. Apple Maps Give You the Play-By-Play

A great improvement to the old iOS is Apple Maps. The application gives you refined directions like turn-by-turn indoor walking directions, way more specific than just a building address and very useful in a place you aren’t familiar with.For Your Eyes Only

8. For Your Eyes Only

If you’ve ever wished you could hide a photo on your Camera Roll without having to delete it, you can now. The iOS 9 lets you select whichever images you like in the Photos app and tap “Hide”—think of it as the ‘Hide Row’ function in an Excel sheet that makes looking at it that much better.Let the Attachments Latch On!

9. Let the Attachments Latch On!

Email users can now rejoice over a much-needed feature—the ability to add attachments to your emails using the iCloud Drive. The iOS 8 only lets you paste certain media files, but the new operating system doesn’t discriminate, thus improving the overall emailing process.

10. Take Good Notes!

The latest Notes app that comes with the iOS 9 provides you with the ability to create check lists and doodles as well as an easier way to attach photos and URLs within. This upgrade makes note-taking a more user-friendly experience and gives way for more diligent noting to take place.

Upgrading and updating your iPhone is pretty tempting given the buzz around the release and coinciding operating system update. Many consumers are flocking to purchase the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in large part due to carriers such as T-Mobile sweetening the deal with lower prices for the device and added bonuses like its Simple Global plan that offers unlimited data and texting internationally. If you’re ready for an improvement, you’re in for a treat with the Apple iOS 9.

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