Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

1. Straight Shot Accelerator’s First Startups Make Their Pitches


Last week, the 90-day program for Straight Show wrapped up. This accelerator program offers $20,000 in investments, more than 300 mentors, and more than $75,000’s worth of in-kind services. Seven startups participated in Straight Shot’s inaugural program. Networking opportunities for these startups included possible investors who attending the program’s culminating event, a Demo Day, which had a packed audience of about 400 people. Managing Director of Straight Shot, Faith Larson, said that the accelerator, which was founded by Mark Hasebroock of Dunde Venture Capital has learned a few things from its inaugural class. Straight Show held several community events throughout the 90-day program, and Larson says that next year they hope to host fewer, but larger events. Larson also said that the accelerator may work on offshoots of the Straight Shot brand, such as coding classes or a development academy. “Straight Shot can be a mechanism to attract and develop talent,” said Larson.


2. Forget The iPhone 5s, Let’s Talk About The iPhone 6


Sales of Apple’s iPhone 5S have been very impressive so far, but analysts are saying that next year’s release of the iPhone 6 will put Apple’s current sale numbers to shame. The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to feature a display screen that is 4.8 inches, making it larger than the current model’s 4 inches. Analysts Peter Misek of Jeffereies stated that he expects the price target of the iPhone 6 to be roughly $600. “The ecosystem is excited about the iPhone 6, which we feel is warranted. We think the stock will appreciate ahead of the iPhone 6 launch,” he wrote.


3. Google and Facebook Seek to Drive Down Cost of Internet Access, Join Alliance for Affordable Internet


The fight for affordable internet access in the developing word is a prominent battle, thanks, in part, to the large names that are joining up to back this measure. Google and Facebook are some of the newer additions to the host of other notable tech companies, such as Yahoo, Intel, and Microsoft. Along with special interest groups and governments, these organizations have formed the Alliance for Affordable Internet, which is a coalition designed to drive down competitive costs through introducing policy chances. This group is spearheaded by the World Wide Web foundation and hopes to reduce costs to “less than 5-percent of average monthly income” in up to 12 countries through 2015.


4. LG Starts Producing Curved Displays To Cure Dull Phone Design


LG is beginning to mass produce of what they call “the world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones.”  LG announced this amid rumors that it would release a curved smartphone next month. The flexible panel is built on plastic substrates instead of glass and is set in a concave curve. LG Display’s Chief Technology Officer Yeo Sang-Deog said that LG is attempting to release “new products with enhanced performance and differentiated designs next year.” The new phone will measure 6 inches diagonally, making the slimmest and lightest smartphone known. LG’s OLED panel will have a 700mm radius of curvature, which is twice the curvature, of the Galaxy Nexus.


5. U-Verse Live TV Streaming Comes to iPhone


AT&T promised to bring live U-Verse TV screaming to mobile devices, and has managed to fulfill this promise a couple of days early. The app, which was supposed to go live on the app store a couple of days later, went up recently and allows subscribes to watch up to 108 live channels while at home. This number diminishes to 25 when the user is away from home. Along with the ability to live stream, customers always get improved remote controls, new parental tools, and a fresher interface. The app is expected to hit the Android market on October 21st.


6. Alleged Silk Road Mastermind, Ross Ulbricht, Denies Charges, Says Lawyer


Robert Ulbricht of the underground marketplace, Silk Road, denied his charges in a federal court, via his lawyer, yesterday. His bail has been postponed until October 9th. Earlier this week, the FBI shut down Silk Road and charged Ross Ulbricht as illegal drugs were becoming available through the site. Ulbricht was charged with three conspiracies: computer hacking, narcotics trafficking, and money laundering. The next day, he was charged separately, in Maryland, for drug trafficking and hiring a hitman. Assistant US Attorney Randall Luskey said that the government is against releasing Ulbricht on bail, saying that “no combination of surety will assure community safety or guarantee appearance.”


7. Samsung Finally Launches Its HomeSync Set-Top Box


Samsung finally has an answer to Apple TV, and it comes in the form of HomeSync. HomeSnyc was showcased back in February and is finally available to order. HomeSynx enables Samsung Galaxy owners to stream media from their phones and tablets onto the TV set, as the device runs on Android and has its own processors. Users will also be able to access Google Play via their television and play Android games on a bigger screen. The HomeSync also supports multiple accounts, and concerned parents can set up restricted content accses for their children. HomeSync costs roughly $300.

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