Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

1. iPad Air coming to US Cellular and regional carriers starting November 8th


Are you excited for the iPad Air? Well you don’t need to wait much longer. Apple’s plan to launch the iPad Air with cellular data support with T-mobile was the tip of the iceberg; US Cellular has announced that it will start offering the iPad Air on November 8th. Regional carriers such as Bluegrass, Cellular, and C Spire say that they’ll start offering the iPad Air within the next coming weeks. This is a surprising move for Apple, as the new cellular iPad providers will most likely not make a big impact for Apple; the company simply seems to be extending itself across all networks.


2. Users report iOS 7 calendar app is incorrect for daylight savings time


A number of users with iOS7 claim that their clocks turned back an hour overnight, and that they are now seeing an incorrect time displayed within iPhone’s calendar app. The issue hasn’t come up anywhere else in the system; alarms and calendar events have continued ringing at their scheduled time. Though this bug isn’t the biggest issue that Apple has with clock changes, it is one within a long stream of clock issues that have followed iOS updates. The iOS4 bug caused most alarms to go off an hour late, and on New Year’s, many found that their alarms had been switched off overnight.


3. Your headphones could be used to measure your pulse


Researchers have discovered a software that makes it possible for you to measure your pulse using only your earphones and your smartphone. Your earphones measure the air pressure in your ear canal, because as your arteries pump blood, tiny movements are made in your eardrum at a frequency of about 1 Hz. Using your earphones’ speakers as a microphone, the software can find this frequency and interpret it in order to determine your pulse rate. There are quite a few doubts, as even the most expensive earphones don’t create a perfectly-enclosed space for the earphones to measure. However, the research team says that the software is able to isolate the pulse with “signal processing technologies.”


4. makes it easy to build your own cloud, a Polish startup, is building a way so you can use your own hardware and machines to create a secure and always-on cloud for small and medium sized businesses. “It’s always-on smart access, not syncing everything: get the data you need, when you need it,” said founder Blazej Marciniak. “Sync makes no sense for big files and mobile. You use your own storage and network and nothing is shared anywhere. It’s secure by design: data, traffic is encrypted, and there’s invite only access.” The company was created in November 2012, and was originally called GVN Technology. They open publicly at Disrupt today.


5. Samsung to expand devices that work with Gear


Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has proved to be a disappointment to, well, everyone. However, Samsung is trying to update its watch to be friendlier, and is now saying its Galaxy Gear watch will be compatible with old phones through a software update. Currently, it is only compatible with the new Galaxy Note 3 phone, which runs $300 with a two-year service agreement. On Monday, Samsung said it will make the update available for the SIII, S4, and Note II. Compatibility with other smartphones may be coming soon.


6. LG Electronics unveils curved smartphone in race against Samsung


Not so long ago, Samsung touted about being the only smartphone company to have a curved smartphone. Now, LG Electronics Inc. is unveiling their curved smartphone as well. Curved displays and flexible screens seem to be the new battleground for phone markers, as they allow for a more comfortable grip than flat-screen models. Both Samsung and LG’s curved phones are currently only available in the South Korean market in order to gauge consumer demand. The model launched on Monday by LG has a vertically curved six-inch display. Technology analysts and media reports speculate that Apple is also working on a curved screen device – a smartwatch, to be exact. Apple has said nothing about this rumor.


7. Voicesphere brings voice control to Facebook, Instagram & others


At TechCrunch Disrupt Europe today, startup Voicesphere is launching a platform for voice-enabling consumer and enterprise apps and making them available via a Siri-like environment based on natural language processing. The service features a consumer-focused app and an API for enterprise developers who want to enable their apps for use within the service. This service hopes to become your main hub for your interactions with your phone and online. Voicesphere believes it is separate from similar service like Siri because Siri can only interact with a very limited amount of services. Voicesphere is building a more open system so that it can cover a wider range of information. Voicesphere isn’t fully open yet – today, only the consumer focused app is launching. The API is expected to launch soon.


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