Google Reader Alternatives

With the closing hours of Google Reader upon us, the time to find a new source for our highly personalized news reports is here. Ever since Google mad

Tech Talent Wars and The .EDU Disconnect

The statistics are startling and the chatter is consistent: companies everywhere are struggling to find Software Engineers. The headlines ring hilario

The 7 Dimensions of the Language Learning Market

Education is featured regularly in forecasts about the next big thing on the Internet. Over the last few years, the education industry has seen lots o

Startups: Want to Sell Your New Tech Product? Hold Off on the Sales Hire.

  This will be my first in a series of posts about sales in the world of technology startups, and I plan to write directly toward founders.  

Responsive Design Killed Desktop Revenues

  Admit it, you’ve recently made a failed attempt at tapping or pinching your desktop’s screen only to remember that it’s not, in fact, a t

Why Country Music is Just Like Tech

I can’t help it. I’m the guy who notices the background music. Good or bad.   At red lights I open my windows to hear what’s coming

Your Data is Already Old: How to Avoid Becoming a Datasaur

  It’s time to take big data up a notch… to BIGGER data. What, you ask, is Bigger Data? It’s a persistent stream of data that provi

Robotics by Dmitry Grishin of Mail.Ru

We’ve been expecting a personal robotics revolution since the early 90’s, and with due cause. The boom of science fiction literature, and robot im

Startups are the First Line of Defense

 “Cyber security could do for Maryland what the computer chip did for Silicon Valley,” Chancellor Brit Kirwan, May of 2012.  “bwtech” @UMBC