The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Laptop Bags

The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Laptop Bags

Your laptop is more than likely one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you will travel with, one that also includes a lot of personal and valuable information. It is understandable that you would prefer to put your device in a carrying bag which will protect it. Regardless of whether you are traveling with a tiny MacBook Air, a large gaming laptop, or a superslim ultrabook, there is much to consider when buying a laptop bag other than just the protection factor.

One issue that many people will not consider while browsing for a laptop bag is the level of comfort. For example, it is important to look at the adjustable straps that a bag has available when you will be carrying your laptop for longer periods of time. In addition, all it is not a vital factor in the decision of the laptop bag, you will want to find a laptop bag that looks good while you’re traveling. Do you want a laptop bag that is going to attract too many eyes while you are on the road?

We will discuss these factors among many more for the course of this article. Our goal is to have fully educated you on exactly what type of laptop bag you should purchase.

Size and Style

For the most part, you could put a laptop in just about any type of bag, carry on, her backpack. So what is the reason needed to buy a specific bag for a laptop? While you look at a typical laptop, you will realize that they come in a variety of sizes ranging from 11 inches to 17 inches. And there is a bag specifically designed for each one of those sizes. Many of these bags will offer a compartment that is designed for a laptop up to 17 inches. However, to better protect your laptop it is wise to find a bag that is as close to the size of your laptop as possible. By placing an 11-inch laptop into a 17-inch laptop bag will allow it to rattle and move around while traveling.

The style of the bookbag is going to be solely based on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Are you the type of person who enjoys wearing backpacks or perhaps an over the shoulder messenger bag? Many people prefer one or the other, and there is little in between. The best way to decide on the style the back is to decide what you will be doing while you’re traveling. A backpack is going to allow you to get through the airport quicker and is great for destinations where you will be doing a lot of walking. However, a messenger bag has a more formal look to it which may be preferred during business meetings and conferences.

Pockets and Protection

The main sure of a laptop bag is to simply protect your device, which means your laptop should have an extremely snug fit. In addition, you be looking for a laptop compartment that is designed specifically for the size and shape of your laptop. It is best to find a bag that features a firm fabric that is used for the lining which is also soft.

Keep in mind while you’re traveling you’re not only traveling with your laptop but all of the gear as well. Considering this, you want your laptop back to feature of the compartments where you can place headphones, wireless mouse, as well as cords. An ideal solution would be to find a laptop bag that features two pouches located in the front which can be used to store portable batteries and other essential items. You also want to find a space where you can place earphones, keys, and other small items. Any additional pockets can be used to store power cables and adapters. There is no such thing as too many pockets on a laptop bag.

Comfort and Versatility

Just as the style of the laptop bag is important, the quality and comfort of the shoulder strap is essential. You will want something that is going to be easy to carry not something awkward and painful during your trip.

If you are interested in a backpack, look at how the two shoulder straps are designed. They should both be padded and adjustable and have the ability to fit on your back comfortably. Try to avoid the models that feature a tab at the top which will lengthen the straps and pushes the strapping system lower down your back. These types of models are featured prominently, yet they will tire you out much.

If you are interested in a messenger bag, choose one which features a shoulder strap that is adjustable and has a shaped, padded section that will fit over your shoulder. This will stop the messenger bag from shifting as you walk. You may also want to find one that features a grip handle which allows you to carry it more like a briefcase, which would be perfect for a business meeting. This is also going to be useful to get through airport security and anywhere where you need to grab and go. If the particular model you are interested does have a handle, ensure that the shoulder strap can be easily removed and reattached, preferably with the rings on each end that will clip on and off easily – check out these beauties from Luggage City.

Build Quality

One of the most important elements in the bag you choose is going to be the build quality. This one feature will determine how long your bag will last. You want to ensure that the zippers are of good quality as well being constructed with metal as opposed to plastic. Typically the small plastic zippers will break quite a bit faster leaving the bag worthless.

While looking at the fabric of the bag find one that is water resistant and hard wearing such as ballistic nylon or ripstop nylon. It is important to understand that the heavier the material is the heavier your bag will be to carry once it has a laptop and all its components and. While you may think leather would be a great material while it does look good it does not have particularly excellent waterproof capabilities. The best laptop bag is going to have padding where accounts with no additional weight.

Typically the hiking oriented bags which are designed for urban adventuring will typically include a rain cover which is squeezed into a stuff sack on the bags undercarriage. This will give you an advantage when you are caught in a downpour while traveling.

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