How To Use Better Marketing Strategies For A Successful Business Launch

How To Use Better Marketing Strategies For A Successful Business Launch

How To Use Better Marketing Strategies For A Successful Business Launch

You already have an exciting product to sell, now you have the challenge of creating some buzz and selling your product without the need to invest a ton of money. Get started today with these simple, proven, cost-effective strategies to promote your product without breaking the bank.

The internet is a fantastic marketing vehicle for getting your startup up and going, if you know where to go and what to do. These four easy internet marketing strategies will help you to build the momentum that your business needs to grow.

Marketing With Facebook

Begin by creating your business account on Facebook. Your description should include your company name and a sampling of the products that you have available for purchase. Be sure to work in something about why you are so passionate about your products, and how they will solve problems for your customers. This is your brand story.

Be sure to include your phone number, email address, and pricing information for all your products. It may be worthwhile to have a space on your order form for your customers to refer a friend who may benefit from your products. This is a great way to begin to build an email database for marketing purposes.

Keep your customers engaged by providing weekly updates on specials and product development. Include updated pictures of your products, and cue your customers in on any new business developments. Keeping your updates regular will improve traffic to your page, and amp up public excitement over your products. Experiment with several marketing strategies to improve the diversity of your customer base to ensure a good response to a variety of different marketing styles and messages.

Make Strategic Use Of Guerrilla Marketing

One of the best methods of creating excitement about a new product or brand is with guerrilla marketing, inexpensive, low-cost marketing techniques designed for building maximum exposure for a product. The premise is that you are doing something so exciting that you’ll garner a ton of free exposure. Trump’s 2016 presidential bid is a good example of this.

His attention-seeking, inflammatory remarks on Twitter and at his rallies generated a media fire-storm that he didn’t have to pay a dime for. It has been said many times that any attention is good attention, and he has demonstrated the truth of this statement. Some estimate the value of the free media that he received at nearly $2 billion.

Another strategy that works involves building a sensational ad that goes viral over the internet. Android did this by releasing an adorable video on YouTube called “Friends Furever.” The message was simple, and the cuteness factor appealed to everyone at some level. The advertisement managed to garner 24 million views.

Other websites, like AdsWish, allow products and services to be listed for sale in targeted, localized markets. Wherever you choose to advertise, be sure that you use the right mix of information and entertainment. If you manage to get your advertisement to go viral, your company will be in a very strong position for future growth.

Take Advantage of Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Google AdWords

Google captures enormous amounts of data that you can use to help grow your business. The same is true of pay-per-click advertisers. Using their free tools, like Google’s Keyword Planner, enables you to select the right keywords and phrases to attract your targeted customers to your business. They also provide a variety of ad campaigns to fit within most every budget.

Santa Clara SEO company Online Advantages recommend that you develop a strong search engine presence, either through advertising or by using SEO techniques, is an awesome way to drive more traffic toward your business website. Earn top rankings by using keywords that are relevant to your niche, and optimizing your website for phrases that are likely to be used by your potential customers while searching for information about services or products that you provide.

Hire A Director Of Marketing

Sometimes new business owners question the need to hire a good marketing director following a wildly successful marketing campaign to get a business off the ground. As a business is first getting started, the focus generally has to be on product development and selling to generate revenue.

Hiring a marketing director is often an expensive drain on what is typically a very limited resource for most startups, even if doing so allows the focus to be placed on product development and manufacturing. In most cases, it simply makes fiscal sense to wait to hire a marketing director until after there is already enough cash-flow into the company to support an expanding team.

Whether or not you hire a marketing director at the outset, or you choose to wait until after you’ve established your brand and are ready to move your company to the next level, you’ll need to clearly define the responsibilities of the position.

If your company has early successes, it means that you’ve already surrounded yourself with a skilled team with the necessary abilities to help your company to expand. A marketing director has to be able to dovetail with your existing sales team, and understand the value that their insight provides. If your marketing director is open to soliciting feedback, and seeks to provide improved support for the sales team, you’ll gain many benefits from the marketing experience and skills that a marketing director brings to the team.

Make use of these four marketing strategies as you launch your new business, and you’ll improve the likelihood of building a successful company that will remain competitive for many years to come. It’s never easy to start a new business, and many do fail, but you can help to ensure your company’s success by carefully planning your marketing strategies to target your particular niche.

Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is the owner of UK marketing and SEO company My Online Marketer and has written for a number of prominent publications online. Get in touch @brightoncormac


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