SEO Is Not Dead, but Most SEOs Are

SEO Is Not Dead, but Most SEOs Are

SEO Is Not Dead, but Most SEOs Are

I am tired of hearing about how SEO is dead. When I read an article from someone telling me that SEO is dead, I immediately think, “That guy is just lazy.”  Why? Well, SEO is clearly not dead. The search engines control the bulk of the world’s web traffic, and they are continuing to grow. Not only are they continuing to grow, they are getting better at what they do. So why on earth would any SEO ever say that “SEO is dead”? I will tell you why.

Most SEOs are just lazy. Think about it. The first search engine was created in 1993, which makes search engines only a 21-year-old industry. For 18 out of those 21 years, search engine optimizers have used many of the same techniques. Google started going after spammers after the “Panda” algorithm update in 2011. Before the update, many SEOs were using spammy automation to boost search results for clients, and their own sites for that matter. Many of these SEOs never moved from this practice because they are stuck in their ways. They would still prefer to try to fly under the radar and continue to push spam because it is the easier way, regardless of the fact that it will hurt their client’s rankings. They do not know anything different and they do not care to stay updated and learn. They just want “easy money”. Well, “easy money” does not exist in SEO anymore.

As a search engine optimizer, one of the most difficult tasks is to stay up to speed with the goings-on in the industry. This is an essential part of the job. When Google makes a major algorithm change, you need to start reading and studying client data so that you can adapt in order to continue to please Google for your customers. So what do SEOs need to do?

Set Phasers To “Learn.”

Now if you are an SEO and you are reading this, do not be insulted. Consider this a call to action. If you are not an SEO, you need to learn this stuff. A great way to start is by reading articles and subscribing to various SEO resources such as MOZ and Search Engine Land. Next, you want to make sure you are tracking all of your keywords and traffic data. A system for noting marketing strategies and changes you make on sites really is an essential tool as this allows you to learn from your own work by correlating your changes in traffic or keyword results. This is just as important as the reading, so stay as detailed as possible.

Tweak Your Brain.

Many often find themselves having difficulty adapting to all the updates and changes because they have been in a robotic state of mind. Let’s face it, much of our existence is based around numbers and data. After a while, it is easy to think of site visitors as just numbers. We need to expand the way we think and remember they are real people. Ask yourself questions like, “How else can I market to this demographic?” or, “How do these people think?” Once you start asking these questions, you can start to profile your markets and expand the way you think about marketing. After you do this, you are ready for the next step.

Smack A Wookie.

Did you like that tag line? This paragraph has nothing to do with smacking wookies, but it does have to do with being creative. You want to be creative when it comes to your marketing. Come up with your own strategies for marketing and avoid copying every strategy you read. A good way to tap into your creativity is to learn how to use Google trend. Google trends can tell you what the hot topics are on the web right now. If you find that your market is similar to one of these topics in any way, you will likely be able to push some good content out on the topic to drive traffic. Avoid spamming at all costs. Look for authorities in your niche and provide valuable content.

You Are Not Fake Ham.

Whatever you do, just do not spam. Make sure you are always providing value to your audience. Write excellent and original content. Once again, be creative. You are not just marketing to machines; you are marketing to real people. Push your content out to all social media platforms, especially Google Plus because that is the only one that really matters for SEO purposes. You are going to want to make sure you become a verified Google author so that you can start gaining author rank. This influences your rankings and will become a more substantial ranking factor in the near future. When you team SEO tools with hard work, you create a result that will have your clients thanking you for years to come.

Nick Fitzgerald


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