Want Your Social Media Followers To Be Happy? Follow These 5 Tips

Want Your Social Media Followers To Be Happy? Follow These 5 Tips

Want Your Social Media Followers To Be Happy? Follow These 5 Tips

Increasing the satisfaction levels and interest of your social media followers is important and there are a number of ways to do so. So, here’s how to keep those folk’s in good form when they see your accounts.


Post On A Regular Basis

There is a big difference in regular posting and posting all the time. Whilst you want to have a strong online presence on social media, you sure don’t want to be a pest to your followers. Since the nature of every business is different, it is crucial to understand both the correct timing and the right balance.


For large corporations, a number of posts each day is acceptable, especially since the resources exist to do so, however, for small businesses a post every day, or even every other day, may be more than enough. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and other such social media tools lessen the task of scheduling posts as well as managing multiple social networks, excellent ways to ensure your message is reaching your followers at the right time.


Content Needs To Be Interesting To Be Shared

Social media revolves around content, so everything you post has a goal. If you lack content, followers have no reason to stay connected with your account. Content includes anything that your audience relates to. Pictures, videos, blog posts, they are all included.


If you don’t have a clear content marketing strategy your social media strategy is going to suffer, the two are strongly connected. To ensure good traffic, as well as an active social media account, all content should get posted onto your social media. Search engines are able to tell which content is getting attention by picking up on ‘social signals’, you create these when you have social media activity. Why not make your content look shared with the power of a site such as Vibbi. This will catch people’s eyes and they will be more likely to share.


Double Check Everything

Before you hit post on any social media content for your company, make sure it doesn’t include anything you will later regret. When it comes to social media everything is instant, there’s no time for regret. If you don’t want to lose followers, make sure everything you post is appropriate.


Allowing a number of people to have access to your social media account can be a recipe for mistakes, it is better to assign the task to a few trusted individuals. Your reputation is priceless, so if they have any doubts they should always seek a second opinion.


Conversations Are Crucial

Asking your followers for their feedback and opinion is a good way to engage with them and keep a captive audience. When you take seriously what your followers have to say, they will feel good about you and your company. If a follower asks a question, make sure you respond to them quickly, not only will this please the follower, but others will notice the activity too. Don’t forget it’s called social media for a reason; get social!



Be Wiling To Share

If you seem to be the only one sharing your posts, your social media campaign isn’t going to accomplish much. Your goal is to increase your social signals by getting followers to share your posts with others, this in turn is going to expand your own visibility online. It stands to reason that you should share other people’s content if you want them to share yours.


Ensuring that your followers are happy is quite the task and certainly involves much time and effort, but don’t forget that the social media page for your company is open to the public meaning a lot of people can see the posts. Potential customers and clients will link an active social media presence with a company they can trust.

Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is the owner of UK marketing and SEO company My Online Marketer and has written for a number of prominent publications online. Get in touch @brightoncormac


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