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Photo storyline of Curiosity Rover and it’s three siblings

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Photo storyline of Curiosity and it’s three older siblings

The latest of NASA’s rovers is the size of a small Prius. Curiosity landed in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012.

Curiosity Rover

This self-portrait is a mosaic of photos taken by Curiosity’s navigation cameras

Self portrait of Curiosity Rover

Delta II Heavy lifting off from pad 17-B in 2003 with Opportunity rover.

Real image of Eagle Crater, Opportunity lander, and wheel tracks, as seen by Opportunity in 2004 from planet Mars.

Opportunity in Eagle Crater, courtesy of: Esri


Opportunity gazes the Martian mountains


From left to right: Models depicting Spirit/Opportunity, Sojourner, and Curiosity.

Mars Rovers


Martian sunset, photographed by Spirit in 2005.

Martian sunset


No larger than a remote-controlled toy car, the first rover landed in an ancient flood plain called ‘Ares Vallis’, one of the rockier parts of Mars.

Sojourner: First Mars Rover


This shot shows both the rover and the lander in the foreground.


Post and photos contributed by Esri, a company which provides GIS mapping software. To access a GIS map of the rover landing, click here:

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