4 Crowdfunding Apps to Help You Get Gifts

4 Crowdfunding Apps to Help You Get Gifts

Holidays, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are all some of the happiest moments in a person’s life; and with it comes the issue of gifting.


The task of finding gifts is not exactly easy. Neither is it fun to receive gifts that are not quite what you like. Frankly, it kind of sucks. Not to mention, the task of obtaining the money for these gifts is even more difficult.


Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this called crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the concept of having people donate money online towards an objective or a cause. As of just recently, a few companies have applied crowdfunding to gifting.  Here are four great apps that help you get gifts you want.




You can pretty much use Crowdtilt for any project, event or fundraiser. They have a word for their crowdfunding services – tilting. They claim to raise money faster and with fewer headaches. All you need to do is start the campaign, spread the word and once people start offering their bit; you get the funds via direct deposit. It tracks down the people in your social network to raise the money you need, which in this case is for gifting.


The downside is that is that Crowdtilt is only available to you if you live in the United States and have a valid U.S. bank account. However, anyone anywhere with a credit card can contribute to your cause. Speaking of your cause, since Crowdtilt is only based in the U.S., the promotion of your cause is limited to this periphery.




GoGetFunding is similar to Crowdtilt, except that they are an international website so your campaign can be promoted worldwide. Like Crowdtilt, they also allow all types of fundraisers and the huge advantage to using them is that anyone with a PayPal account can raise money online.


You have the option to create a timed or ongoing campaign and you can reward your funders with special tokens of appreciation with anything (legal) you like – from simple thank you notes to invitations to your event and so on. Another plus with GoGetFunding is that you get to keep the funds raised, even if you don’t reach your target amount. Some sites will reverse the funds back to your funders should you not hit your target.




GoFundMe allows users to create fundraising campaigns for any project, gifting included. If you’re looking to just raise money online, for a cause, or even for yourself, GoFundMe is a good fundraising option. GoFundMe has some great sharing features such as their sharing widget. GoFundMe also provides some great metrics and analytics on the donations. GoFundMe operates in the US, Canada, UK and all European countries that use the euro.


GoFundMe is great because it offers donation options that include both online or offline payments. Depending on your preference for the online payments, you could either use WePay or PayPal to process your payment. Donors don’t need an account to donate on GoFundMe. Although GoFundMe does offer the ability to crowdfund gifts for yourself, it mainly focuses on providing funding for medical and educational expenses.




We saved the best for last! As far as gifting is concerned, WishBooklet is our favorite crowdfunding tool. Anyone with a checking account can start a campaign and it’s the only app specifically designed for gifting. WishBooklet goes a step further by allowing you to add anything from any online store; with the added ability to include pictures and item descriptions.


A Wish It! Button is added to your internet browser and as you shop for your item online, you merely have to click on it to add it to your WishBooklet wish list. It’s that easy! When you’re done, all you do is share it via Facebook, Twitter or email. There’s even a progress bar to let you track your funding goals. It also makes it easy for your friends and family (and you) to purchase the gifts outright and directly from the online retailer.




These platforms truly change how fundraising works. Imagine the possibilities of crowdfunding.  In addition to gifting it is also excellent for charity, business startups, college funds, holiday fares – the list never ends. A campaign benefits so much more than just financially. The exposure one gets, serves as a great kick starter, especially for new businesses.

Eric Santos


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