5 Easy Things You Can Do To Get A Higher Selling Price Of Your App

5 Easy Things You Can Do To Get A Higher Selling Price Of Your App

After spending countless hours developing your app and finally getting it published, you might be wondering, “what do I do now?”


Perhaps you are tired of this app, want to clean out your app portfolio, or maybe you just want to get some cash so you can move on to your next project. Whatever the case may be, taking one last look at these 5 aspects of your app before you list it to sell could boost its value and get you the final payout you deserve.


1. Optimize Your Keywords

The simplest thing that you can do is to make sure that you rank for popular search terms related to your app. The most common mistakes that we see are: using too few keywords, using keywords that people are not searching for, or using keywords that are not closely related to the app.


2. Have Analytics Installed


You are 43% more likely to sell your app if you have analytics installed, and your app probably won’t sell for more than $10,000 if you don’t. Potential buyers need to know what they are getting for their money and without this information, they are less likely to fork over anywhere near what you think your app is worth. Be sure to have some solid data on how your app is performing before listing it for sale.


3. Localization Is Key


This might not be a simple task for some, but for others, it may be really easy. Consider what it would take to expand your app into even one other country. This may significantly increase the number of times that your app is downloaded and make your app much more valuable to a buyer. Taking the time to localize your app could really pay off.


4. Optimize Your Graphics


Before you sell your app, take a second look at your icon and screenshots. Is your icon the best representation of your app? If not, you should run it by a professional designer get their thoughts. They might have some great ideas on how you could make it more appealing, and more likely that someone will download your app.


Next, take a good look at your screenshots. Make sure that your first screenshot quickly communicates what your app does. Also remember to use all of the available slots for screenshots. This will give your app maximum visibility and convince people who might otherwise only be mildly interested in your app.


Once you have made changes to your graphics, be sure to test your changes over a period of time to be sure that they are having a positive effect on your downloads.


5. Improve Your Web Presence


Now that you have tuned your App Store presence, make sure that your online presence is ready to go too. It may not add a lot to the sales price of your app, but it does look better to a buyer when you can hand over everything in a neat package.


Check to see that your branding is consistent across your website and social media accounts.


To conclude, if you are getting ready to sell your app, we hope that this post has reminded you to take a closer look at these 5 aspects. It might be tempting to list it right away and get whatever you can, but a little more time and effort could yield a much bigger payday.

Tess Suchoff


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