Opinion: Apple Vs Android

Opinion: Apple Vs Android

Opinion: Apple Vs Android

Coke vs. Pepsi, Ford vs. GM, Gates vs. Jobs, Nike vs. Reebok and Apple vs Android. Throughout time there have many many high profile corporate competitions, but the battle had always fueled innovation and progress. Like the cola wars and PC battles, the latest battle exists between the two most dominant mobile operating systems, Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS.

Apple vs Android

Having launched first, Apple’s operating system had an advantage in the marketplace. But because of it’s closed platform (like it’s computer OS, the Apple iOS only runs on Apple devices), the sales numbers of devices running Android are destined to outpace and overtake it’s competition. But there is more than just the variety of phones and tablets to keep Android’s future looking bright.

The Power of Google

While Apple has split is innovative efforts on both hardware and software, Google quickly realized it’s true calling was software. Google is one of the biggest players on the Internet, and since smartphones and tablets are basically your mobile gateway to the online world, using its online power to boost the mobile operating system will help Android’s future immensely. One huge advantage that the search giant has is it’s experience in mapping and tracking the world. Until the 6th version of the Apple iOS, Google was the power behind mapping features on both smartphones, with Google Maps. Apple has its own offering now, but Google Maps is still available on both platforms. According to Techradar.com, the debut of mobile map competition only added fuel to the innovative fire. More choices means that Google’s map offerings on Android will have to continue to improve in order to stay competitive.

Test Drive an Android

Another space that Android will continue to innovate is in automobiles. TechTimes discusses the Open Automotive Alliance, which is an initiative to bring the Android platform to cars. The goal is to use collaboration and innovation to make us safer, more connected and to create more outlets for Android. The operating system is already offered on devices from a wide variety of manufacturers.


Storage and data backup is another feature that gives many Android devices an advantage. Apple devices do not include removeable memory. According to Twofruitsonerobot.com, most Android devices are designed wiht additional storage on miniSD cards, giving them the ability to store larger files like video, photos and apps externally, freeing up space on the internal memory and preserving battery life. Pair that ability with cloud solutions like Mozy online backup, which will ensure you do not lose your precious data should your device have issues, and Android becomes a very powerful tool for storing and accessing important information on the go. And that is really the whole point of mobile devices, to give you what you need, when you need it.

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