Take A Bite Into Apple’s New iOS7 Beta 3

Take A Bite Into Apple’s New iOS7 Beta 3

Apple has finally released the third beta version of iOS7, giving users a tantalizing tease of how the new operating system, (which is speculated for release in mid-October, near the release of the new iPhone, and iPad) is going to be so much more smoother, and so much more stable than the current iOS.

The new version of the beta software (which has been released exactly 2 weeks after the 2nd integration of the software) is very much improved from iOS6, and even iO 7 Beta 2.

The problems that the second beta version had with iCloud, iMessage, and AirPlay have been resolved in the third beta version. Although some issues still have not been addressed (i.e., volumes increase dramatically, and unsuspectedly in AirPlay; if sometimes you disable iCloud Keychain, you may not be able to enable it again), the improvements are still greater in magnitude.

The folders have become transparent in view, and the control panel has been regenerated as well. FaceTime, and notifications have seen new enhancements, and our favorite Siri, has also been given a new voice, and has seemingly become more of an assistant, than an app on a smart phone.

The overall look of the iPhone, (and iPads) has become a lot more appealing with the arrival of iOS7 Beta 3. With the introduction of leaner fonts, and delicate design, it seems that Apple has finally started to take full advantage of its Retina display.

Even Apple’s ‘black sheep’, Safari has had remarkable changes made to it’s functionality. The search engine has not only become faster and cleaner, it has a better interface, allowing the use of multiple windows, and a navigation bar.

Although the user interface has allowed for a little more customization, it is still rather restricting as compared to Android devices.

However, with it’s cleaner, and more sensitive interface, and appearance, the new iO7 has beautiful promises about upcoming Apple devices, for which we should all, be excited.

Anya Sharma


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