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How Relational Databases Could Ruin Christmas

As you know, a bad user experience on Cyber Monday can cause users to abandon an eCommerce site faster than during non-seasonal online shopping, resul

Cloud is the Platform for a Lean Digital World: How Do You Fit In?

The cloud is the new global engine for economic growth. It has transformed every industry, business model and job (see below). It displaced real consu

The Future of Application Integration and ESB in the Cloud

Traditionally, EAI and application integration has been done using point to point interfaces or by utilizing commercial integration engines that each

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Planning for OpenStack Cloud

Build your own cloud? With free open source? Too good to be true?  Not quite.    OpenStack provides you with the opportunity to make resources

Is Open Source A Good Business Model For Your Company?

While terms like “cloud,” “big data,” and “devops” may be over-used and over-hyped, it should be clear to anyone in the industry that we a

So, You’ve Built a Prototype

So, You’ve Built a Prototype

So, You’ve Built a Prototype? Awesome…Here’s 10 Ways Shit Will Hit the Fan   10. Your overseas supplier calls and says a critical component