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CarDroid Smart Vehicle Monitoring Device Giveaway

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Make sure your loved ones drive safely, monitor driver behavior and get detailed information about the car remotely. If there is a car accident or a breakdown, you will be the first to know.

Product Description

CarDroid from UonMap Company Giveaway

Make sure your loved ones drive safely, monitor driver behavior, get detailed information about the car remotely and be the first to know in case of a car accident.


Product description

A lot of car accidents happen on the road daily, and we think that if we can not prevent these accidents, we should at least find a way to help our dear ones in time in such situations. That’s why we have created the CarDroid.

What is CarDroid?

The CarDroid is a multifunctional in-vehicle diagnostic and monitoring device running Android™ OS. It turns a regular car into a smart car and allows you to take care of your relatives, analyze driver behavior, receive emergency notifications, track your car, protect it from theft, check diagnostic trouble codes with OBD-II, and do much more.



  • Android™ OS;

  • MediaTek MT6572 Dual-Core 1.2 GHz CPU;

  • MicroSD card slot allows to store up to 32GB data locally in addition to 4GB of embedded memory ROM;

  • GPS, Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), A-GPS and Bluetooth® Low Energy are used to provide the most precise location of the vehicle and connect external devices and sensors;

  • Micro-SIM card slot: use a SIM card to monitor your vehicle data remotely;

  • 9-axis orientation sensor lets CarDroid detect a car accident and notify its user of the accident;

  • Motion sensor detects any suspicious activity inside the car and instantly sends a notification;

  • A microphone and a speaker make it possible to talk to the driver;

  • 2 Wi-Fi modules to track the location and to share Wi-Fi inside the car.

car android smart device giveaway


Key functions

ESNaR – Emergency Situation Notification and 3D Reconstruction.

The CarDroid works as a black box for your car. A built-in 9-axis orientation sensor detects a car accident, and CarDroid notifies customized SOS contacts of it. The data received from the sensor is used to reconstruct the car’s motion path in 3D to analyze what went wrong.

car android smart device giveaway

You can immediately locate the car accident in your online account and get to the accident site as soon as possible to help your dear ones in time, or call the emergency services for help.

 car android smart device giveaway

Online remote vehicle diagnostics and OBD-II data history

The CarDroid plugs into the OBD-II port of a vehicle allowing you to get all data from the car computer remotely (trouble codes, speed, rpm, engine temperature, engine load, etc).

Driver behavior monitoring

You can also setup your account to receive notifications in case of an unsafe driver behavior: rapid acceleration, hard braking, speeding, risky maneuvering.

Alert mode

If your vehicle is being towed away, hit in a parking lot, or in case of a break-in you will receive a notification.

Vehicle location and tracking history

Track the location of people, vehicles and cargoes online and check the location history for any period of time.

 car android smart device giveaway

More Exact Location

We use GPS, Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), A-GPS and Bluetooth® Low Energy to provide the most precise location of your vehicle. This technology allows you to get the most accurate location data when the car is on an underground parking or any other area where GPS signal is not available or weak.


Create customizable geofences on the map in your web account. If your vehicle leaves, enters or crosses the borders of such  areas, you will be notified.

Car remote listening and microphone

The CarDroid supports audio input/output through an in-built speaker and a microphone. You will be available to speak to the driver of the vehicle.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the CarDroid you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot inside a car and share the Internet connection with any external device.

 car android smart device giveaway

Web account

A personal web account gives you an access to the whole functionality of the CarDroid. You  will be able to monitor several vehicles simultaneously, use the complete range of  services  and  choose which notifications you want to receive.

A possibility to connect peripheral wired and wireless sensors and cameras.

Apart from the great amount of functions that CarDroid can perform by itself, it can use other devices to do even more. You can connect different sensors, relays, locks, cameras and other peripherals depending on your own needs. By adding such devices you can broaden CarDroid’s capabilities and create the kit you personally need.

The device can be used without a SIM card, and also a FREE plan is available. For the best user experience UonMap offers free mobile apps for iOS and Android OS.