Startups: Taking a Look Beyond Silicon Valley

Startups: Taking a Look Beyond Silicon Valley

Have you ever thought about startups outside of Silicon Valley?

About the opportunities in new ventures outside of the United States?, I have been focused on the world outside of Silicon Valley for the last 4 years.  In this world, it takes much more than a coffee at the University Café to connect investors with startups.  But if you want to tap into this market, here’s a list of startup related opportunities happening right now.


1. Mexico

Each month in Mexico, 35,000 new businesses are started. There are over 520 incubators in the country and startups have a yearly turnover of $692 million.  (Details)


2. South Africa

Two-thirds of startups in South Africa don’t actively pursue funding, 60% of South African startups are self-funded, and 26% haven’t received any funding at all. This lack of funding is a self-perpetuating cycle: because entrepreneurs perceive that they don’t have access to funds, they don’t pursue them (Details).


3. Brazil

The Brazilian federal government has designated a $20 million budget to support 100 start-ups until 2015. Up to a quarter may be foreign firms. To tap into the money, they must relocate and employ locals; their bosses must be fast-tracked for visas. Sectors most likely to be picked are: aeronautics, agribusiness, banking, oil, gas, health, education, and transport.



4. India

India has a robust startup industry. A new law was just introduced that allows startups to list on public exchanges without an IPO. Here’s one of the many lists about exciting startups in India: (Details)


5. Russia

A recent report about the Russian venture capital market states that the total amount of deals reached $910.6 million in 2012. This figure only includes deals which have been made public. 84% of the deals took place in the IT-sector (Details).


These are just some of the highlights of startup opportunities happening right now outside of Silicon Valley. At SSX, we estimate that less than 1% of startups worldwide get the attention of angel investors, seed investors and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. All others struggle for attention and funding. With the launch of SSX all that will change. We’re going to make it easy for investors and companies to come together on a global market.


About Ian Haet

Ian Haet is CEO and Co-Founder of the Startup Stock Exchange.  Mr. Haet grew up in the Bay Area and moved into Joe Kraus´ old apartment in Palo Alto when he moved into a nicer place in 1999 after  Mr. Haet brings experience in international business management and technology consulting, real estate development, and finance to SSX.  His background as an entrepreneur and awareness of the challenges faced when seeking capital led him to create Startup Stock Exchange.

Ian Haet


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