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The Cloud has Precipitated a Sea-Change in Enterprise Data Management

by Victor Brown As a recent article on Wikibon notes, the changes wrought by the cloud, Big Data, and the advent of technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop are hitting traditional database vendors hard. While Oracle and its competitors are still forces to be reckoned with in the IT world, cloud storage and data processing technologies,

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Cloud analytics
Cloud computing

Cloud Operations Analytics Improve IT Efficiency

by Moazzam Adnan We hear a lot about the benefits that big data and cloud platforms can bring to businesses. The ability to collect and process vast amounts of information gives enterprises the power to engage with the real world in ways that have historically been extremely difficult, providing insights that can lead to new

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Big Mistake
Cloud computing

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Planning for OpenStack Cloud

by Anne Friend Build your own cloud? With free open source? Too good to be true? Not quite. OpenStack provides you with the opportunity to make resources available to your people by creating your own cloud without paying huge software license fees — that’s true. But in the years we at Mirantis have been building

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