Tech & Startup News: 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech & Startup News: 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech and Startup News for August 1st, 2013:

  1. Galaxy S 4 Explosion Burns Home In Hong Kong

According to PC Magazine, a fire started from a charging Galaxy S 4, burning the house and everything in it. The man, identified as Mr. Du, claims he was using a legitimate Samsung charger when the phone lit on fire and was thrown onto the couch. Du, his wife and 2 dogs escaped unharmed.

Earlier this month, there were two fatalities from Apple products, including a 23-year old who was electrocuted while taking a call on her charging Apple device. Also, 30-year old Wu Jiantong, who was shocked by his charging iPhone 4, was rushed to the hospital, where he is currently in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit.


2. Blackhat demonstration reveals an exploit that bypasses the SSL crypto scheme

BREACH is an exploit in the HTTPS cryptographic scheme, allowing hackers access to email addresses and other encrypted information. The technique decodes encrypted data, such as social security numbers, e-mail addresses, security tokens and password reset links, typically protected by the transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL) – both widely used by online banks and e-commerce sites.

3. Facebook is the #1 traffic source for news

According to Mashable, Facebook drives more traffic to mainstream news sites. The study, conducted by Statista, denounces Twitter as the top journalism website.


4. Startups Advised to Use the Phone

It seems Silicon Valley has a new saying these days: “Do Things That Don’t Scale.” Inspired by an essay by Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, many other well-known advisers are urging Founders to perform manual tasks to connect with their early users. This includes picking up the phone and asking the following questions:

Here are five questions you should ask when calling trial users:

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. What is it that you’re looking for?
  3. What’s the biggest challenge you face in your business in regards to that?
  4. What questions do you have regarding our product so far?
  5. How are you going to make a decision if our product is a good fit?


5. Cellphones have digital fingerprints

German engineers have discovered how to trace unalterable digital fingerprints  using radio signals. This new discovery could potentially give law enforcers an easy way to track the handset, even when tech-savvy criminals change their cellphone’s built-in ID or SIM card.


6. Vanity Fair Published Detailed Account of Sean Parker’s Wedding

Vanity Fair has published photos and a feature on Sean Parker’s wedding from last June. With an estimated price tag of $10 Million (the site alone was $4.5 million), the Napster Founder and former Facebook President received his fair share of public scrutiny for the lavish affair.

The “Lord of the Rings” themed event included 364 custom-made costumes by the designer who won an Academy award for the same movie. There was also a pen of bunnies, faux bridges, six-tier flower-adorned cake, and broken Roman columns.

Guests included Jack Dorsey, Sting, actress Emma Watson, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, California power brokers Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris, MTV founder Bob Pittman, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, Zynga’s Mark Pincus, Charity Water’s Scott Harrison, Seagram’s scion Ben Bronfman, comedian Olivia Munn, and Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, though invited, sent regrets.)


7. Startups need to be Ninja Innovators – Gary Shapiro of Consumer Electronics

First, ninja innovators must set their sights on victory. The only way to succeed is by determining to do so at the very beginning.

Ninja innovators also have to be willing to take risks. Letting fear of failure keep you from acting will predetermine the outcome: you can’t possibly succeed if you’re too afraid to try. 

To attain their goals, ninja innovators adopt what I call a living strategy. They plan ahead, but they understand that they don’t know everything; their blueprint can adapt as needed to change tactics as circumstances arise. 

Jessie Yen


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