Tech & Startup News: Top 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech & Startup News: Top 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech & Startup News: Here are the Top 7 Developing Stories

  1. Maker Plane


Pilots and engineers are attempting to build a plane using 3D Printing, home-built composites, – and most importantly, the open source community. There have been many home-built planes before, yet this will the first to be built by entirely off open-source contributions.


Following the LSA category for ‘light sport aircraft,’ the airplane will have two seats, weigh a maximum of 1,320 pounds, and reach a max speed of 138 mph. Even more impressive, they’re goal is to build the airplane for under $15K

Here’s a statement from their IndieGoGo campaign:


“Using low-cost digital manufacturing technologies, people will be able to build their aircraft quickly, safely and at low cost. All of our plans are free for the community to download and use.”


2. Twitter Fouls Again: Dick Costolo Commits Recruiting Violation

On the heels of a fraudulent tweets being sent to 1.5 million users, Twitter’s CEO has committed a NCAA recruiting violation by contacting a recent Michigan recruit, George Campbell.

Costolo, who is also a Michigan booster, is not allowed to contact recruits for any reason, even after a recruit has signed a National Letter of Intent with the University.

Perhaps this is minor compared to the social media giant illegally using real profiles to pump out a promotion, but these are two back-to-back incidents of Twitter breaking rules.

 3. Google Glass Releasing a Developers’ Kit – But Not Just Yet

Excited developers will have to wait a little bit longer, according to an announcement last Friday by Google. Rather than providing a release date, app developers were encouraged to start building apps for Glass on the current Android SDK. Perhaps the GDK-specific kit won’t be needed though, as Google hinted towards demonstrating how Android apps will and can be turned into a Glass app.


4. Vimeo, Redbox Instant and Plex prepare to offer Chromecast support


Priced at just $35, everyone and their mother wants a Chromecast – and now every streaming service on the planet wants to be on Chromecast. The announcement is barely a week old, and we are already seeing evidence of the clamoring.

Here’s who is making announcements:

-Vimeo, the video streaming service

  • -Plex, the media center maker
  • -Verizon’s Redbox Instant
  • -Pandora
  • -AOL
  • -The Washington Post
  • -HBO Go


“Yes we know you are all excited about ChromeCast, we are too! :)” –Plex on Google+

“We’re excited about the emerging opportunities bridging mobile to Connected TV and we look forward to offering Chromecast support in our products.” – Nick Alt, VP of Mobile, Vimeo

 5. Paranoid Yet? NSA Planting BackDoors in Intel and AMD Chips

Rumors are spreading that the NSA may be implanting backdoors into Intel chips and AMD Chips. The main proof experts seem to state is actually quite simple: it’s practical.

Here are your options:


  1. Crack conventionally, which for some encryptions – such as an AES 256 bit encryption, would be nearly impossible.
  2. Hollywood style: Find a 19-year old genius hacker
  3. Or, capture the information easily and seamlessly just before or after the encryption/decryption.

Here’s the full story, quoting Silicon Valley’s favorite expert Steve Blank and Jonathan Brossard, who demonstrated this concept at last year’s BlackHat Conference.


6. Bradley Manning Not Convicted of Aiding the Enemy; Convicted on 19 Other Charges


It appears Bradley Manning will be spending a very long time in jail. Yet, Manning advocates, at the very least, are pleased that he was not convicted of aiding the enemy – a conviction that has not been used since the Civil War.


Manning, who deployed to Baghdad in 2009, was so startled by the U.S. wartime conduct, that he released 700,000 documents to the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks. These documents ranged from war logs between Iraq and Afghanistan, to assessments of Guatanamo Bay detainees.


There are two opinions of Manning. Those who see him as a publicity-seeking, cunning and reckless American. Yet, others see him as honorable for disclosing information about military misconduct – which the public may have the right to know.


7. Car Hacked with Nintendo Controller


Hackers from DARPA have demonstrated how to take over a car with only a laptop and NES controller. The proof of concept included how to start and stop the engine, – but also steer the car with a 1980s game console controller.


The two brilliant minds, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, were retained by DARPA to determine whether today’s cars can be hacked. Well, apparently, the answer is an emphatic yes.


Want proof? The duo will be at DefCon next month in Vegas,

Jessie Yen


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