How Solid Web Builders and Design can Help Boost Your Brand

How Solid Web Builders and Design can Help Boost Your Brand

You may not be aware of this, but crafty marketing and advertising campaigns are not the only means with which you can boost your brand. And you may be surprised by this, but a solidly planned-out web design could mean the difference between a website with high page ranking and large traffic volume, and a website with a low page rank and negligible traffic. In fact, over 70% of large marketing agencies report that they use website optimization on a design and content level to bolster their marketing efforts.


A common misconception with novice webmasters is that a uniquely designed, attention-grabbing website is always preferable to a clean, more intuitive user interface, building on the premise that a website is the online embodiment of a given brand, and, thus, should leave a lasting impression on its visitors (and potential customers).


Though there is merit to this assumption, an over-designed, overly-complicated user interface can not only encumber user navigation, but could also prohibit search engine web crawlers from properly indexing your website, thus decreasing your page ranking and potential traffic to your site.


How can you avoid this conundrum?


  • As previously mentioned, a uniquely designed website may be visually appealing, but may cause some of your site’s pages to remain unindexed. A Clean, intuitive user interface will ensure that both your visitors and the various search engine web crawlers can properly navigate or index (as is the case with web crawlers) your website. Also, recent statisticss report that 40% of visitors will leave a website if it does not load in 3 seconds, so make sure that your site does not involve too many design elements that are heavy on the page load.


  • Keep your content separate from your design elements (i.e. pictures, promo blocks, banners. Your search engine’s crawler cannot index content that is embedded into design elements. Consequently, if you want said content to be indexed, make sure that it also appears separately on the site’s page.


  • If you’re using Flash or Javascript-generated content, create an additional, separate HTML-only version of your website, complete with a properly planned and constructed sitemap, in order to ensure that each and every page, or link, on your site is properly indexed by the search engine’s crawler.


  • Make sure that your website is mobile compatible, as 44% of mobile users claim that they have difficulty in navigating websites via their mobile devices, and 48% of all users claim that, if they happen upon a mobile site that isn’t working, it speaks volumes about the business in question.


  • Finally, if you are using one of the top website builders to build your very own business website, then take advantage of the service’s offered SEO and marketing tools, including search engine directory submissions, advertising credits, traffic tracking and analytic tools. These features are offered to you for a reason and have a proven record when it comes to increasing your site’s traffic.

Laura McMann


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