Benefits of Creating Websites with Bootstrap

Benefits of Creating Websites with Bootstrap

Bootstrap has been the developmental love for many a developer of late. You talk about setting up an effective website with the best possible features and any sensible developer would point you into the direction of Bootstrap.


Gone are the days when having a static website would do all the needful. Today is the era of novelty. With so many websites present in the sphere of the web world, it is critical that one can understand and appreciate different practices that can make his website stand out.


This happens to be one of the most apt reasons for people to choose bootstrap for their websites. Apart from the basic advantages of giving you a superior grid layout, responsive design and cross browser compatibility, there are some very important benefits of creating websites with bootstrap.


Bootstrap is Really Fast


If you have the tightest budget at hand and really need to launch your website in a matter of weeks, look no further. Bootstrap web development is really really fast. Bootstrap offers a range of fully fledged templates that you can pick and customize as per your requirements.


All you need to do is check out a theme that is similar to your business profile, then add images of your products and your logos. You can also get creative and use images to ensure that the pictures corroborate your brand’s popularity. Make sure that you also put in some form of interactivity in your site and viola! Your Bootstrap website is all set without any time delays.


Bootstrap is a Non-Believer of Platforms


Although it is so snazzy and sophisticated, Bootstrap is after all plain old CSS and JavaScript. There’s nothing new for you to learn. Everything is pre-made. You simply need to plug it up to the head of the document and it will do all the magic for you. If you still find it unsettling, you can go for the Compass version of Bootstrap. You will also find .NET and Word press Plug INS for the same.


It is Completely Customizable


Have a feature in mind that you want to include? Well, with Bootstrap it is absolutely easy! The customizer option in the layout allows you to have total control over the parts that you think are useful for your site. You can streamline the framework easily so that all your needs are satisfied. And in case, like me, you are still not satisfied, just get hold of the source code. Then you can optimise it to the extent that you wish to.


Base Styling for Most HTML Elements


Bootstrap understands that every website has distinct elements that need to be enhanced. All these elements including headings, lists, tables, buttons, forms, etc. Are styled and enhanced with extensible classes in Bootstrap.


Bootstrap provides styles for the following HTML elements:


  • Typography
  • Code
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Icons


Wide Ranging List of Components


There are various requirements in a website. You might want to give your users simplicity of straight menus or drop down ones. The chief benefit of designing your website with Bootstrap is that you can get everything you wish to from drop down menus, pagination or alert boxes. Styling of every single element follows a steady and dependable theme. In order to customise it, all you need to know is LESS. Spend a few minutes with your site and you are ready to launch!


There is also a bunch of pre-styled components available. They are:


  • Dropdowns
  • Button Groups
  • Navigation Bar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Labels & Badges
  • Alerts
  • Progress Bar
  • And many others.




On the whole, web development depends in a large way on the requirements that are strictly adhering to your personal business. However, it is of utmost importance that you seek professional guidance before you start off. Do some research and then set sail and everything will go well.

Jill Elliott


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