Why Web Hosting is Important

Why Web Hosting is Important

Why Web Hosting is Important

What is guerrilla marketing anyways? Guerilla marketing refers to the use of unconventional, or atypical marketing tactics in promoting a business or brand, and is commonly employed by advertisers who are looking for  a more ‘outside the box’ approach for their marketing campaigns, as well as an added measure of affordability, as guerrilla marketing tactics can be very cost efficient.

Guerrilla marketing tactics and strategies may include anything and everything from viral videos, banners and ads, to building a strong social media presence for your brand, in addition to blogging and guest blogging on article sharing sites and forums, link building, and the list goes on and on.

Nowadays it seems that the more eccentric or offbeat a marketing campaign is, the more buzz it could potentially generate. Not only are these marketing campaigns more memorable, they also have a proven success rate in driving traffic to the represented brand.

So, how can you use web hosting in your guerrilla marketing campaigns?

Do not disregard the power of a good web hosting service in helping promote your brand. Solid marketing starts from the ground up, that is, laying down a solid marketing foundation could (and should) involve the proper planning and construction of your business’s website.

Choosing one of the top web hosting providers will afford you a plethora of valuable resources with which to build your professional website, including a generous disk space, database, email account and bandwidth allotment, in addition to advanced site building, SEO and marketing tools designed to optimize your site and, in direct relation, enhance your web presence.

What are some web hosting features I should pay attention to when building my marketing campaign?

  • Easy to use website builder – A neatly designed and constructed website could mean the difference between a good page ranking and increased traffic volume, and a poor page ranking and negligible traffic statistics. A solidly built website will ensure that a search engine’s web crawler properly go through and index all of your site’s pages, links and so on. Try and find a web host that provides its users with easy to use, drag and drop website building tools, a relatively uncomplicated, intuitive interface, as well as a high powered administrative panel.
  • Traffic tracking and Google Analytics integration – Traffic tracking tools will allow you to monitor your site’s incoming traffic, its volume and its quality. Using traffic tracking tools and widgets, in combination with Google Analytic, will allow you to analyze, in detail, your visitors’ location, the time they spent on your site, their activities on your site, etc. This data will be very helpful in optimizing your site.
  • SEO tools– SEO tools are designed to help you enhance site performance by optimizing your site’s framework, the content on your site, its URLs and links, meta-descriptions and titles, and so on. These tools will automatically or manually crawl your site and make suggestions for necessary improvements on an SEO level. You will find that some of the top web hosting services will also provide their premium or business customers with valuable SEO consultations with their in-house staff of site optimization experts.
  • Email marketing software – Email marketing software is designed to help you manage your contact list, your list of incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as help optimize your newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Since email marketing is a tried and true marketing tactic that has proven successful in bringing in new leads, and converting old leads into customers, it is important that you choose a web hosting service that provides you with reliable email marketing software.

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