YEC Answers: 9 Tips for Developing a New Mobile App

Considering how saturated the app market is, what advice would you give to an entrepreneur developing a new mobile app? -CitizenTEKK The following ans

Envisioning an Integrated Device World

When I think about all the ways my smartphone helps me to meet up with friends—through voice, text, email, and a variety of friend-connectivity apps

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Our headquarters are located in Estonia, which is a country with 1.3 million people. This country is roughly the size of New Hampshire. Testing produc

3 Tactics for Freemium Mobile Games and Development

Freemium Mobile Games and Development One of the greatest benefits the data-driven development paradigm affords a free-to-play mobile studio is the ab

Today’s Reward Valued at $1700: 3-Day Pass to Mobile Commerce World

CitizenTekk and Mobile Commerce World are giving away a 3-day pass valued at $1699.00. All you have to do is enter your email to win and share this li

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  Admit it, you’ve recently made a failed attempt at tapping or pinching your desktop’s screen only to remember that it’s not, in fact, a t

5 Ways to Drive Engagement to Your App by Appboy

It used be easy to launch a mobile app. You built something quickly, submitted it to the App Store and then waited for downloads to come pouring in. A