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Anatomy of a Startup Pitch

Pitching is about reducing the risks for potential investors. If you can convince them that you thought thoroughly about your business although you don’t have all the answers you’ll get much better terms and close the deal faster. by Kiril Jakimovski

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Public relations sucks if you do it wrong

PR Sucks Because You’re Doing It Wrong

by Heather Carson It’s no secret that Public relations (PR) has a bad rap – and rightfully so. For the majority of companies, it’s a huge (note: colossal) waste of money and time. From spray-and-prey journalist outreach emails to over-the-top sales-y Press releases, the PR industry is broken. Where some folks see a mess-hits-the-fan disaster,

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Make your Corporation a happy productive hive of motivated salespeople

Get a More Productive Sales Team - 4 Rules from a Startup company

Make sure your salespeople are consistently learning from, and developing relationships with, both internal and external contacts. The internal collaboration will help to unify your company, and the communication with external contacts will keep what you’re offering in line with what your prospects and clients really need. by Bob Marsh

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Interview process

Disruptive Hiring: Empowering Developers to Move Beyond the Job Description

by Yewande IgeYewande Ige is head of North American recruiting for ThoughtWorks, a software company that thinks disruptively to deliver technology to address challenges, and guest blogger for CitizenTekk, Startup & Technology company news The phrase, “we hire really talented people,” is the same line given by any software company these days who is serious

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P2P Identity - Why Are We Driving With Strangers?

Many Startup companies these days are exploring ways to add safety & security to their platforms, but most of them don’t include the customer. True transparency comes when the party with the knowledge and information has a part in the transaction. by Michael Bergman

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