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Discover the latest in technology and startups at CitizenTekk. Over 300 tech leaders have published thought leadership on CitizenTekk.

We want to connect you with the people who are creating technology and promise only the highest quality content.
If you are curious about technology, or currently use technology, this is your discovery site!
One of the biggest challenges both investors and consumers face is filtering through all of the technology coming on the marketplace. We will select only the highest quality Technology company news to discuss – so you don’t have to.

Our network of founders, programmers, developers and industry leaders cover the latest technology, mobile news, gaming news, Biotechnology, financial and information technology, developer news, business news, cloud technologies and future technologies from technology companies and startups.

For article contributors:
Are you a startup or emerging Technology company who spends most of your time looking for press coverage?
More than anyone, you should understand that competing against billion dollar corporations for publicity and recognition is costly and ineffective. A new device release (iPhone, etc) will crowd tech headlines for weeks – but not with CitizenTekk.

We also want to help startups and technology companies collaborate and discuss emerging trends together.
With your help, we can create a high-quality, monthly discussion about the value behind your product.
We want to tell your story!

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