5 Ways Email marketing can Benefit Your Business

Email marketing

Digital advertising is a crucial part of any well-developed marketing campaign. Considering the astronomical rise in popularity of social media, the constant struggle to optimize the search engines for various keywords and the growing number of mobile-centric ads, it’s would be reasonable to assume that some of the more traditional advertising methods like as e-mail marketing have been rendered obsolete. However, this is not the case. Email marketing is not only alive and well, but it’s still being widely used today to drive the acquisition and retention of customers. But what are the other benefits email marketing has to offer?

Targeting with Email marketing

One of the biggest advantages Email marketing offers is the ability to segment recipients based on various criteria. Marketers can target people based on their age, sex, location, previous shopping history, interests and personal preferences, the type of device they use, screen size, browser, etc. Customers can also be targeted during each stage of the buying cycle and guided towards completing their purchase. Combining targeting and personalization and segmenting contacts into lists ensures that each e-mail you send is reaching just the right recipient.

Real-time analytics

No advertising campaign is complete without analytics and where traditional marketing channels offer rough estimates and ambiguous results, e-mail marketing provides precise metrics such as delivery and open rates, subscriber retention rates, click-to-deliver rates, etc. These metrics are more than simple numbers or percentages and they can be used to gain valuable insight into customer behavior, their interests, needs and wants. You can use this information to further refine your targeting efforts and devise an even successful advertising strategy.

Increased Brand awareness

E-mails are the perfect tool for raising brand awareness. They can be formatted in any number of ways in order to accurately reflect your brand and reinforce your brand image. You can use your own font, colors, brand personality, personalize them using customer information, send regular newsletters, products promotions and service announcements. You can even use a professional email signature generator to customize your signatures by incorporating links with useful information or social media buttons.

Perfect vehicles for CTAs

Out of all the digital advertising channels, marketers have at their disposal, e-mail marketing is the single most effective carrier for CTAs. You can fully customize both the e-mail and the CTA in order to create an environment where customers can purchase your product or service within two or three clicks of a mouse. This customizability is what allows marketers to take advantage of impulse buyers by sending them a highly personalized call-to-action that they simply cannot refuse.

High Return on investment (ROI)

As far as business owners and marketers of concerned, the only real measure of success for a specific advertising channel is ROI or return-on-investment. If you haven’t realized by now just how successful e-mail marketing is, have in mind that it offers one of the largest ROIs in the business. E-mail marketing generates an average ROI of £38 for every £1 spent. This makes it better than any other marketing channel, including advertising on social media and search engine optimization.

Email marketing as an Advertising campaign

As an advertising channel, Email marketing is far from being obsolete. The number of active social media users might be on the rise, but it’s still a far cry from the number of people who have an e-mail address. Factor in the number of customization options, targeting criteria and the fact that e-mail marketing provides one of the largest ROIs in the industry and it becomes clear that as an advertising technique, e-mail marketing is here to stay. Not taking advantage of it is nothing more than a missed opportunity to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and generate more revenue.

Author: Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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