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Traditional Industries Are Being Upended by Apps

Traditional Industries Are Being Upended by Apps

The major reason apps have been so game changing is that they have improved upon the ways people go about already doing things by not forcing people to change their lives. As long as app makers continue to keep that in mind, we are only at the beginning of the app revolution. Author: Veer Gidwaney

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Current Business Trends

5 Most Important Current Business Trends

Making use of today’s technology and the wealth of resources available can help your business gain an edge on the market. By examining smarter business trends to discover why they’re working, it can be easier to see how to apply them to your own business. by Henry James

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Mobile device uses in Event management

Mastering Mobile: Mobile devices and the future of events

by Alon Alroy Chances are, at this moment, your phone is in your pocket, hand, or sitting on your desk close by. As our everyday dependence on mobile grows, its impact on the way we interact with people and content grows as well. When it comes to events and conferences, the smartphone is one of

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