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Coronavirus COVID-19 potential vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments Move Toward Human Trials

As we approach four months since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many Biotechnology companies are quickly moving towards clinical trial phase of several vaccines and treatments. Biotechnology company news At the start of this month (April 2020) Novavax, a Maryland-based biotech company, said it would begin human trials in Australia in mid-May for

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Silicon Valley Technology epicenter

How will the Next Bay Area Quake Impact Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley’s technology epicenter would also be affected if the Hayward Fault were to rupture. Most of the major global technology headquarters, such as Facebook, Google, and Oracle, are within 20 miles of the fault. The likelihood that the next great earthquake in this area would result in significant economic impact is high. By Patricia Grossi.

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latest Technology news

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

By Beth Kindig Samsung insider claims peculiar Galaxy Round is just a prototype The media has been buzzing about Samsung’s new “Galaxy Round,” the first curved smartphone to ever hit the market. But, an unnamed Samsung insider claims that the Galaxy Round is a pointless gimmick that Samsung released just for the media attention. They

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latest Technology news
Tech company news

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

by Beth Kindig 1) Microsoft Corporation Outlines 66,539 Account Requests From Law Enforcement During First Half Of 2013 Microsoft’s latest reports detail that it received 37,196 requests from law enforcement agencies between the months of January and June, which impacted 66,539 accounts. 77% of the requests filed asked for data such as a user’s name,

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