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Software developer teamwork

The Art of War Applied To Software Development

Although politics and warfare have little to do with software development, just like politicians and generals, developers must lead subordinates, coordinate efforts between teams, find the best strategies to resolve problems, and administer resources.

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Open-source software

The Culture of Open Source

by Adam Monago Adam Monago is vice president of digital strategy at ThoughtWorks. To learn more about ThoughtWorks ongoing contributions to the Open Source Software movement please visit When you hear open source software, what do you think of? Software developers hunched over keyboards, fueled by sugar and caffeine, or a recent request by

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Big Mistake
Cloud computing

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Planning for OpenStack Cloud

by Anne Friend Build your own cloud? With free open source? Too good to be true? Not quite. OpenStack provides you with the opportunity to make resources available to your people by creating your own cloud without paying huge software license fees — that’s true. But in the years we at Mirantis have been building

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The Next Cryptography (Crypto) Battle

The Next Cryptography (Crypto) Battle

It’s common for commercial products to use Cryptography with credit cards and DVD content scrambling. What’s relatively new is the conscious, routine use of crypto for communications and data protection by people for themselves. by Vikram Kumar (Mega’s CEO)

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Mobile device uses in Event management

Mastering Mobile: Mobile devices and the future of events

by Alon Alroy Chances are, at this moment, your phone is in your pocket, hand, or sitting on your desk close by. As our everyday dependence on mobile grows, its impact on the way we interact with people and content grows as well. When it comes to events and conferences, the smartphone is one of

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