Tips for Designing Videos for Mobile Viewers

Tips for Designing Videos for Mobile Viewers

Video is taking over mobile devices, and the amount of videos being viewed from mobile devices is continuously increasing.


It is important to consider your mobile viewers and make your explainer videos suitable for mobile devices. The Pew Research Center 2013 Online Video Study reports that mobile devices are becoming a key part of the video viewing and creating experience with 41% of adult mobile device owners using their devices to watch videos. 45% of all adult internet users also claim they watch videos on social networking sites and 56% own a smartphone.

So how can you keep your mobile viewers happy and want to share your web videos? Here are some tips to ensure you are optimizing your videos for mobile audiences.




While most devices can now play high definition videos, on a smaller screen, the quality can be sacrificed a bit for a smaller video file format. By making your video smaller, it will be much easier and faster for your audience to download. Try adjusting the audio tracks, frame rate, or the size, to optimize the video size while still maintaining the maximum quality possible.


Keep it Short


Think about when your audience will be viewing your videos on a mobile device. They will most likely be on-the-go, traveling, waiting in line, or trying to pass the time somewhere. Consider the length of your video and take note that a shorter video, say 3-4 minutes, will most likely be viewed in its entirety, rather than a 15-minute long video.


Large, Simple Text


Consider that the screen size on most mobile devices is much smaller than a desktop computer or television. Avoid using tiny text in your video that will be difficult to read on a mobile device. Keep your video text simple and make your calls-to-action stand out with bold text.


Test It


You should always test how your video will look on a mobile device before releasing it to your audience. Test the video load time, the text readability, the quality, and the sound of your video when viewed on a mobile device.


Now that your video is optimized for your mobile audience, it’s time to share it!

Anish Patel


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