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Art Vs. Science: Why Data is Crucial for Ad Creatives

Even the most siloed creative sitting comfortably under a rock has to bring data, and the insights that it provides, into their work to survive in the

Do Small Businesses Have A Need For ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP as it is commonly called, has been an enterprise-level product for several years. This is not very surprising con

6 Key Attributes of AppOps Focused APM Solutions

AppOps Focused APM Solutions Application Performance Management (APM) have existed in their modern form since 1996, when Wily founded the business of

5 Trends Driving Cloud Communications

Driving Cloud Communications The intersection of mobility, cloud, and increasingly fast network speeds will continue to shape communications this year

Big Data: Problem and Solution

Big Data is a concept more related to data processing than to data size in absolute terms. We know we are dealing with Big Data when traditional ways of processing the data don’t work in a reasonable amount of time.

Mobile Data Collection Output

Recently, we took a look at some best practices for mobile data collection at the input level. This week, we turn our attention to best practices at the output level. Following the critical input stage, data is often transferred to corporate departments or regional marketing teams which, in turn, proceeds with the output—that is, drawing insights and making merchandising decisions based on data analysis.

The Cloud has changed Enterprise Data Management

As a recent article on Wikibon notes, the changes wrought by the cloud, Big Data, and the advent of technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop are hitting traditional database vendors hard.

The Beauty and Impact of Data

When most of us think of data we tend to think of bland spreadsheets and rows of numbers. Data entry is hardly the most glamorous of jobs, after all, and most people who have studied statistics will probably have cold-sweats just thinking about those classes.

5 Ways to Protect Your Cloud Storage From Cyber Criminals

Cloud storage is becoming a standard option for more and more people wishing to store their data conveniently and securely, but are we taking that sec