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Tips For Streaming Video Like A Pro

These days, video streaming is incredibly common. If you stream videos on a regular basis, these tips should help: Minimize the strain on your Interne

Google Daydream View: An Advancement for Mobile VR?

Virtual reality has come a long way since Morton Heilgi’s Telesphere Mask from 1960. Since its first announcement at the tenth Google I/O, it became

Five Major Societal And Technological Trends Changing The Way Businesses Network

Today, IP-based devices are rapidly proliferating inside and outside the four walls of businesses—making networks increasingly difficult to scale, m

Better Mobile Security Controlled by Users

Once upon a time the computers we used to access bank information and other sensitive data stayed firmly rooted on the desks in our home offices. They

How to Detect Lat/Long and Prevent Location Spam

Location features and data collection are becoming the peloton in mobile development, and with this signal comes plenty of location spam. BIA/Kelsey

Mobile Gaming Advances Education, Health & Business

Mobile Gaming Advances Education, Health & Business

The serious gaming world was an insular one until advances in the mobile industry turned playing video games into a pursuit that transcends gender, ag

What is Audience Intelligence for Mobile Use?

Mobile publishers usually have a clear view of how their app is used due to many great mobile app analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Localytic

Top 10 Things iOS 9 Does That iOS 8 Doesn’t

As the new iPhone rolls out this week, so too did the new operating system. So whether you’re deciding to upgrade to the latest edition Apple device or update your current one to operate on the most current iOS, here are the top 10 things you can do with iOS 9 that you couldn’t do with iOS 8.

3 Very Cool Mobile Video Ads: Audi, Rovio and ShowTime

Mobile Video Advertising Since so many mobile creatives are rather terrible, I thought I would nominate 3 compelling brands for their top notch s