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5 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

5 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Everyone in the digital marketing knows that since 2015 the majority of people online browse the internet through their smartphones or tablets. A few

Wireframe your “IDEA”

Introduction It all begins with an idea in mind, often asked question how do we write specifications and why do we need to write one. Deciding to deve

Building a Brand Identity for Startups

Hey ya, As passionate design and branding people (yes we are more than just developers!), we thought we would share how we came about developing the P

The Art of War Applied To Software Development Popular

If you work in the software industry, it’s likely that you have heard about the divide and conquer design paradigm, which basically consists of recu

Design Principles: Introduction To Hierarchy

Design Principles: Introduction To Hierarchy

The need for technical skill in graphic design continues to grow as technologies and interfaces change. Yet, how have fundamental understandings of vi

Slash Chord App: The Story

Tell us about your app Slash Chord! 

Slash Chord was born from my lifelong love of playing music and being fascinated by music theory. Not only that, but I’ve played bass in about a dozen bands over a 20 year span and I’ve always been intrigued by the musician’s I’ve met who just play by ear and never learned theory.

Botpocalypse Mobile App: The Story

Botpocalypse is a fast-paced, survival-style arcade game where gamers can compete against friends for the highest score or longest survival time, acqu

5 Tips for Hiring Developers

Developers! Developers! Developers!” Steve Ballmer made this chant infamous, but the fact remains that developers are the lifeblood of software companies. This is especially true for web startups, where a good developer can be the difference between success and failure.

9 Ways Open Source Will Affect Tech This Year by the Young Entrepreneur Council

We asked 9 Entrepreneurs: What is one way you think open source will affect tech this year? 1. Huge Increases As 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of th