Startup Organization at the Heart of the Tech-Governed Business World

Startup Organization at the Heart of the Tech-Governed Business World

When contemporary analysts say that the Internet has changed the face of the business world, they often fail to emphasize the importance of other technological features that undoubtedly enhance everyday work activities. Offline software solutions, gadgets with various entrepreneur-friendly widgets and ample hard drives are only a few “needles” in the haystack of business-empowering tech tools. They all support and help with organizing fresh startups in a more constructive way. So, how can a newly founded startup use those tech hacks to ensure its position in the business arena?

Higher tech-guided outreach

According to a post published by Forbes, about 90% of small businesses fail. However, we’re about to witness a significant change in these statistical figures. Now business owners from every single corner of the world can use a vast number of various digital tools to improve their work organization. Firstly, even if you run an entirely offline business, you can make your work easier by communicating with your customers through Facebook chats or Google Hangouts.

Secondly, you can reach your customers more easily via social media. Simply launch a Facebook business page and you’ll see a rise in the number of your customers.

Thirdly, startup owners can create the majority of their plans and schedules through one of the business-planning software solutions and increase their productivity. All those features give way to tech-guided outreach to customers.

Social media spread the word

For the beginning of your business adventure, you should use your personal social media accounts to promote your products. As your ambition keeps growing, go a step further and launch your own business page. Due to its popularity and omnipresence, Facebook is the most appropriate tool for this purpose. Moreover, while Twitter should wait until you’ve become a well-known brand, startup owners might want to start using Google Collections and other redesigned Google+ features for better business visibility.

In addition, social media users adore video content, so make short videos about your initial startup efforts and post them. Similarly, it would be great if you launch a YouTube channel, too, so as to cover a wider range of potential visitors.

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Improved work hierarchy

Since you have all the perks of the digital world at the click of your mouse, those benefits have a positive influence on the work hierarchy inside your startup. Today startup owners don’t have to communicate with their employees directly, but they can simply distribute their tasks through some cutting-edge task management apps. When people receive their assignments and duties this way, there’s a higher probability they will perform them on time.

Furthermore, thanks to different communication services, business owners, team leaders and employees can communicate 24/7. Although this might not be a dream-come-true option for the latter in this labor triangle, their efficiency will also grow, which should result in higher salaries, as well.

Several layers of operators

When you’re about to launch a startup nowadays, you should think in advance and recognize your soft spots. If you don’t have enough assets to hire additional staff for those aspects of work, don’t lose faith in your business perspective. In the words of Crystel professionals, modern startups should outsource all the functions they cannot cover themselves. For instance, establishing customer support centers or performing special market analyses are too demanding actions for a young, fragile startup. This is why you should shelter your business with several layers of various aides, so that the business itself can focus on your primary goal – steady and seamless development.

Although the modern business environment is taking a different shape, the key principles are still the same – outsmarting the rivals and getting your share of the market. With dozens of amazing technical and technological miracles at the reach of your hand, it goes without saying that the number of failed businesses will be dropping in the years to come, enabling innovative new startups to take their places on the global business scene.


Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.


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