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How 3D Modeling Changed Online Gaming

When video games were created in 1952, A.S. Douglas programmed a code that we now know as the first video game. He was writing a paper for his PhD at

Minimize Culture Shock: Corporate to Tech Startup

The decision to leave the white picket fences of Corporate America and enter the proverbial startup garage is never made on a whim. There are the obvi

How will the Next Bay Area Quake Impact Silicon Valley?

In California, earthquakes are quite the hot topic these days. Are we getting closer to the next big one? Are we prepared? A quick Google search will

Is Asia Ready for a Sharing Economy?

Borrowing can be better than buying. Access can be more important than ownership. The rapidly rising number of global converts to the “sharing econo

2 Enterprise Startups Solving Real-World Problems

On Wednesday, at SAP’s Startup Forum, I watched enterprise startups pitch. To be honest, it was quite refreshing coming from last week’s TechCrunc

Tech & Startups: Top 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech & Startups:  Top 7 News Items From Across the Web July 29th, 2013 Tech Giants Beware! $35.1 B Merger creates World’s Biggest Advertising

Envisioning an Integrated Device World

When I think about all the ways my smartphone helps me to meet up with friends—through voice, text, email, and a variety of friend-connectivity apps