The Evolution of the Best Brand Logos in History

The Evolution of the Best Brand Logos in History

A good brand logo makes your company instantly recognizable, whether consumers are watching an ad, looking for a retail location, or browsing your products. The best logos are so well-known that you immediately associate them with your brand experiences. Take a look at these longstanding and valuable brand logos to see how powerful this part of your brand image can be.

Four Best Brand Logos:

1. Coca-Cola

Best Brand Logos: Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brands in the world, worth $56 billion. The iconic logo is instantly recognizable in nearly all its forms, with the signature script typography and red and white hues. One of the most notable things about this brand logo is its relative stability. Coca-Cola evolved from block lettering to a decorative script in the 1900s. By the 1940s, the logo looked almost identical to what consumers see today.

While Coca-Cola has certainly recognized and responded to the need for regular change and evolution, they’ve done so by keeping their look consistent and making only minor changes. Coke also thrives on throwbacks. In the 2000s, the logo reverted to a look nearly identical to what it used in the 1960s with white text on a simple red backdrop. The red-on-white logo that rolled out in 2007 simplified the look, while keeping it cohesive with the brand image.

2. Budweiser

Best Brand Logos; Budweiser


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Budweiser has retained many stable elements in its logo design that have been present throughout the life of the brand. The subtle crown featured in to logo is a nod to the brand’s positioning of Budweiser as “The King of Beers.” The bold primary blue, red, and yellow colors on the logo are purposefully chosen to stand out from across the bar.

The signature Budweiser script and crown have kept the logo recognizable even in its latest incarnation with a sleek bowtie backdrop. In addition to the logo, Budweiser also has a striking icon in its Clydesdales. These kept the brand marketing recognizable in its Super Bowl campaigns, among others who fell short of the mark.

3. Shell

Best Brand Logos: Shell Gas Station

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Shell’s bold logo is so stylized today that drivers are more likely to associate it with gas than a trip to the beach – which is exactly as it should be. The original shell logo from 1900 is a dramatic departure from what consumers see today. At the time, it looked like a rough sketch of a black and white shell. It changed its appearance in 1904 and again in 1909, looking for a more recognizable approach.

By 1930, the shell was upright and more stylized than in previous versions. In 1971, the logo ditched many of the finer lines for a bold and simple look. This logo has served it well, and continues to appear nearly unchanged today.

4. Apple

Best Brand Logos: Apple

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Apple’s sleek logo has become synonymous with innovation, technology, and a certain dedicated fan culture. This is the most valuable brand in the world. Though its logo has always featured an apple, the brand has actually seen much greater variety in its logo design than other top brands. The original logo was much more complex, featuring Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.

In 1976, the logo evolved dramatically to feature the same apple silhouette seen today. This apple featured a rainbow of colors until its next major redesign in 1998. From 1998 to 2000, the logo dropped its colorful appearance and become monochrome. It became more stylized in 2001, and yet again in 2007. Through all of its incarnations, however, the Apple logo has remained one of the most iconic.

With a well-designed logo, you can connect with your customers in an instant. Take the time to invest in a quality logo that sends the right message, then make sure you use your newfound branding tool as often and as prominently as possible.

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