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Google Takes Fact Checking Global, Dallas’ Siren System Hacked, Adidas’ 3D-Pri

Google Takes Fact Checking Global to Encourage Real News in Search Results Google is launching a global wide “fact check label” to help distinguis

Senate Votes to Block FCC Internet Privacy Rules, US Bans Laptops from 10 Airports

Senate Votes to Block FCC Broadband Privacy Rules Internet service providers such as Verizon, Comcast and AT&T were pleased when the Senate voted

Apple Expands Augmented Reality, Emma Watson Brings Legal Action After Photos Leaked

Apple Expands Augmented Reality Knowledgeable insiders with Apple confirmed the company is getting serious about Augmented Reality with a goal of brin

WikiLeaks Exposes CIA Hacking Abilities, Bitcoin Plummets After SEC Rejection

WikiLeaks Publishes News Release on CIA’s Alleged Hacking Abilities Last week, WikiLeaks published a document detailing the CIA’s hacking tools. E

Suspension on H1B Visas, Apple’s Child-Labor Problem, Amazon’s Massive AWS Out

Expedited H-1B Visas Temporarily Suspended Effective April 3rd Effective April 3rd, expedited processing of H-1B visas will be temporarily suspended,

Snap to File for IPO, Samsung’s Reputation Plummets, Uber’s Sexual Harassment Inve

Snap to File for IPO at Anticipated Value of $16.2 Billion to $18.5 Billion Snap, Inc. will be setting the terms for its IPO on Thursday at a market v

Intel’s Shooting Star Drone System, Email Privacy Act, San Francisco’s Free Co

Superbowl Show Features 300 Choreographed Drones from Intel Shooting Star Drone System While football fans experienced a major comeback in the second

ZeniMax Awarded $500 Million, Tech Leaders’ Open Letter to Donald Trump

ZeniMax Awarded $500 Million in Oculus Lawsuit for Violation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement This week a Dallas, Texas jury found Oculus Founder Palmer

Trump’s Android Phone, China Tightens Firewall, and Porsche Goes Green

Trump’s Android Phone Garners Widespread Media Attention from Tech Community On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that President Donald Trump i