December 2015

Art Vs. Science: Why Data is Crucial for Ad Creatives

Even the most siloed creative sitting comfortably under a rock has to bring data, and the insights that it provides, into their work to survive in the business of selling things.” –Cannes Lions Jury In recent years, there has been growing critique on the supposedly narrow focus of data driven advertising in the adtech industry. This critique usually stems from a firm belief that advertising is an art that does not follow rules and that…

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Mobile Gaming Advances Education, Health & Business

The serious gaming world was an insular one until advances in the mobile industry turned playing video games into a pursuit that transcends gender, age and race. As companies like Snapdragon gave more people access to the best mobile processors for gaming and indy developers started releasing titles at a breakneck pace, mobile gaming became ubiquitous. Beth Kindig Views 1504Likes 0

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