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Top Tech Devices in the Classroom

Any tools that enhance the classroom learning experience should be embraced – whether those tools are tried and tested or brand-new. One such tool is digital technology, which provides a unique opportunity to improve overall learning outcomes by making instructional materials and information more accessible than ever. User url Views 3007Likes 0

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Why Broadcasters Embrace the Second Screen

People are sick of ads; even the most clever and engaging campaigns seem to outstay their welcome (I’m looking at you Flo.) Broadcasters need a new strategy, and as I have said before, the answer is gamification. The time has come for broadcasters to adapt or fade into obscurity as the advertising norm rapidly transforms into an interactive experience. The Importance of the Second Screen To today’s consumer, the term “second screen” may not mean…

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Does Augmented Reality Work Alongside Windows 8?

These days, most gadgets are compatible with Microsoft’s brand new operating system, Windows 8, and its latest update, Windows 8.1. As well as the Windows phone,  numerous tablets, and ultrabooks support the new interface with companies like Lenovo providing a wealth of great models. – click here for more information. Amanda Walters Views 2664Likes 0

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