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How Display Advertising Can Aid a Political Campaign

In the eyes of a voter, political campaigns are rarely seen as advertising or marketing campaigns. Yet, that is exactly what they are.


Today, both politicians and PACs widely use traditional media, like TV ads, radio interviews and commercials, and newspaper coverage, to reach the voting population. However, these politicians could be greatly aided by using display marketing on the internet as a way to connect with and get their message in the minds of voters.


Display marketing can be utilized by a politician or PAC who would display specific ads on carefully chosen sites geared towards certain audiences. For example, a candidate might run an ad advocating their desire to sponsor an anti-animal cruelty bill on a pet adoption website. The visitors to this website will likely be people who own or want to own animals, and would be interested in learning about this proposed bill. This display ad would direct a specific segment of people to a candidate who shares their feelings and opinions on this subject.


The benefits of this strategy extend past individual candidates and into the bigger picture. Display marketing can drive interest and momentum in a political race, especially with Generation Y, who use the internet frequently as a means for gathering information and staying on top of the news. Bringing the political race to them will increase the likelihood that they will get involved and vote.


Being able to extend political visibility to as many platforms and audiences as possible is the goal of a political campaign manager, so utilizing the internet to direct voters to a politician’s webpage is a logical extension of current efforts.


Besides gaining traction with specific voter segments, display marketing is also a savvy way for candidates to connect with a local audience. Placing advertising about issues relating to a specific community on local webpages is a great way to get residents involved and informed. This helps reel in voters, gains traction in the race, and generates public interest and investment in political issues.


Display advertising has numerous advantages, many of which can be strategically utilized by candidates to deliver information about their stance on important issues to relevant audiences. In a modern world, all candidates should harness this important resource.