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The Guerrilla Marketing - Web Hosting Connection

What is guerrilla marketing anyways?


Guerilla marketing refers to the use of unconventional, or atypical marketing tactics in promoting a business or brand, and is commonly employed by advertisers who are looking for  a more ‘outside the box’ approach for their marketing campaigns, as well as an added measure of affordability, as guerrilla marketing tactics can be very cost efficient.


Guerrilla marketing tactics and strategies may include anything and everything from viral videos, banners and ads, to building a strong social media presence for your brand, in addition to blogging and guest blogging on article sharing sites and forums, link building, and the list goes on and on.


Nowadays it seems that the more eccentric or offbeat a marketing campaign is, the more buzz it could potentially generate. Not only are these marketing campaigns more memorable, they also have a proven success rate in driving traffic to the represented brand.


So, how can you use web hosting in your guerrilla marketing campaigns?


Do not disregard the power of a good web hosting service in helping promote your brand. Solid marketing starts from the ground up, that is, laying down a solid marketing foundation could (and should) involve the proper planning and construction of your business’s website.


Choosing one of the top web hosting providers will afford you a plethora of valuable resources with which to build your professional website, including a generous disk space, database, email account and bandwidth allotment, in addition to advanced site building, SEO and marketing tools designed to optimize your site and, in direct relation, enhance your web presence.


What are some web hosting features I should pay attention to when building my marketing campaign?


  • Easy to use website builder - A neatly designed and constructed website could mean the difference between a good page ranking and increased traffic volume, and a poor page ranking and negligible traffic statistics. A solidly built website will ensure that a search engine’s web crawler properly go through and index all of your site’s pages, links and so on. Try and find a web host that provides its users with easy to use, drag and drop website building tools, a relatively uncomplicated, intuitive interface, as well as a high powered administrative panel.


  • Traffic tracking and Google Analytics integration - Traffic tracking tools will allow you to monitor your site’s incoming traffic, its volume and its quality. Using traffic tracking tools and widgets, in combination with Google Analytic, will allow you to analyze, in detail, your visitors’ location, the time they spent on your site, their activities on your site, etc. This data will be very helpful in optimizing your site.


  • SEO tools- SEO tools are designed to help you enhance site performance by optimizing your site’s framework, the content on your site, its URLs and links, meta-descriptions and titles, and so on. These tools will automatically or manually crawl your site and make suggestions for necessary improvements on an SEO level. You will find that some of the top web hosting services will also provide their premium or business customers with valuable SEO consultations with their in-house staff of site optimization experts.


  • Email marketing software - Email marketing software is designed to help you manage your contact list, your list of incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as help optimize your newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Since email marketing is a tried and true marketing tactic that has proven successful in bringing in new leads, and converting old leads into customers, it is important that you choose a web hosting service that provides you with reliable email marketing software.

Top Web Hosting Features That’ll Optimize Your Brand

Whether you own a fledgling online business, or are looking to expand your business’s reach by building a solid web presence, the following top web hosting features are designed to help you optimize your brand.


1. Traffic Tracking - Traffic tracking tools are designed to help you monitor the amount, and quality, of traffic coming into your site. Using various traffic tracking add-ons and widgets, including Google Analytic integration, you will have the ability to view the number of users that have entered your site, their location, the amount of time they spent on the site, the pages they visited, the actions they conducted and so forth. Traffic tracking tools will help you detect and analyze visitor trends and draw helpful conclusions on how you can optimize your website and its UI.


2. SEO - SEO tools and features are designed to aid you in optimizing your site’s content, internal links and URLs, meta descriptions and titles, anchor texts and the list goes on. A properly constructed website in terms of SEO could mean the difference between a website that enjoys a high search engine page rank and solid traffic volume, and a website that suffers from a poor page ranking and reports low-quality traffic. Most of the top web hosting services will provide their customers with sophisticated SEO tools designed to simplify title and meta tag, as well as alternative image text, editing, and may even offer valuable SEO consultations with their in-house team of industry experts.


3. Email Marketing - I definitely recommend taking advantage of any email marketing tools and/or software that may be provided to you by your web hosting service. Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of online advertising and designed to help businesses convert leads into sales. Choose the web hosts that provide their users with sophisticated email marketing software built for the optimization of newsletters and email campaigns via sending and tracking analytic tools, email scheduling and email address list managers, bounce handling and a generous allotment of email inbox accounts.


4. eCommerce - If you are planning on launching your very own eCommerce site, you would need good eCommerce tools to help you build a solid online business. Your web hosting service should provide you with relevant eCommerce tools such as secure eShopping carts, free online stores, as well as Pay pal and credit card processions and integration. The latter feature being the most vital to your growing online business as Pay pal integration and secure credit card processing will help ensure your customers’ peace of mind and guarantee them completely secure transactions on your online store.


5. Marketing Tools - Marketing tools cover everything from advertising credits to search engine and directory submissions, Google webmaster tools, marketing guides and tutorials, and toll free virtual phone numbers. When it comes to the various marketing tools, the more the merrier says I. Though some less experienced users may feel overwhelmed by all of the marketing options and features provided by their web hosting services, I would still recommend taking the time to acquaint yourselves with said features and to make good use of them as they are tried and true tactics that will no doubt increase your leads, as well as help convert leads into active customers.


5 Web Hosting Myths Dispelled

Can (and should) you believe everything you’ve read or been told about web hosting?


The Answer is “no,” and here’s why:


1. Free Web Hosting - Is there such a thing as completely free web hosting? Well the answer is somewhat complicated. Sure, you could find web hosting services that provide free of charge web hosting but their services do come with a few restrictions and reservations:


  • Annoying advertisements - Free web hosting providers will require users to incorporate intrusive pop-ups, ads and third-party banners on their websites in order to use their hosting services, completely free of charge. Users who are planning on building an online business or an eCommerce site could (and most probably would) find these advertisements an annoyance.


  • Limited resources - Free web hosting services come with limited available resources (i.e. bandwidth and disk space). Users who are planning on hosting multiple-page websites featuring an abundance of design elements, content, banners, images and videos, would not find the allotted resources satisfactory.


  • Few features - Free web hosting services will provide their users with a very limited selection of supplementary features. Consequently, users who are looking for auxiliary features such as email marketing software, SEO and traffic analysis tools and SQL databases, would do well to avoid free web hosting services.


  • Limited technical support - It is a well-known fact that free web hosting services cut overhead by cutting down their in-house technical support representatives. As such, users who foresee a heavy dependency on technical support should choose alternative (paid for) web hosting services.

2. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth - Unlimited bandwidth and disk space, do they exist? Well, not exactly. Though some web hosting providers will promise their users unlimited disk space and bandwidth, their fine print will never specify the exact amount of resources a user can use, and will state that content, video and images can be uploaded, but not all at one time, depending on the volume of upload. The amount of allocated resources in the cases of ‘unlimited disk space’ or ‘unlimited bandwidth’ is at the web host’s sole discretion.


3. All Web Hosting is the same - Are all web hosting services the same? A resonating “no.” You will find that there is a marked variation between web hosts, in price, offered features, allocated resources, quality of service and support, and the list goes on and on.


So, which is the best web hosting site? There’s no definite answer. The best web hosting site should be the web hosting service that best suits your, and your website’s, needs, as well as your budget, provides you with all of the hosting tools and features you require to host a successful site, and offers you around the clock technical support to ensure server uptime and complete data security.


4. Good Web Hosting is Expensive Web Hosting - Will I have to pay hundreds of dollars for good web hosting? Depends on your web hosting needs and your web hosting provider. Good web hosting doesn’t necessarily equal expensive hosting. Users who are perfectly satisfied with using Essential, Shared hosting, or more basic, cloud hosting packages, could pay as little as $0.99 for their web hosting. If, on the other hand, you require more advanced hosting capabilities and would need the services of VPS or Dedicated hosting, then yes, those particular hosting services can get a little costly.


5. Any Web Hosting Service Will Do - Will any web hosting service do for my website? That’s the biggest “no” I have issued to date. As we have already surmised, web hosts differ greatly in their offered features, cost and quality of services. So take the time to compare and contrast between the different web hosting services to find the one that gives answer to your hosting needs.