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7 Creative Valentine's Day Ideas for Techies

My fellow techies, Valentine’s Day is one week away - I just realized this too.


As a 20-something in a new city, I’m also scouring my brain for creative ideas to show that one girl a uniquely, romantic evening. Personally, I’d rather do nothing at all, than resort to the lame dinner and a movie formula. Today, your prayers have been answered, I am going to share the 7 most creative ideas for Valentine’s Day 2014.


In today’s social media culture, we will explore an opportunity to show your creative soft side through the beauty of tech. I’ve come up with some organic and tech-forward ways to keep trying to impress that one girl you haven’t scared off yet. Seriously - nobody should care that much about Game of Thrones and Reddit, dude.


This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday - so keep in mind the weekend’s potential. Start brainstorming a late Friday night road trip, midnight rendezvous, and starting the weekend early with a half-day at the office on Friday.


1. Get Creative for Her



There is an innate quality in a man’s character to create. Women may manifest this desire to create biologically, men often cultivate this desire through technology and the works of their hands. This labor of love could be a FinalCut video project of the two of you, develop a web page of cute shit you’ve done together, or even man-up and do that open mic you’ve always talked about.


A man of purpose is sexy to a girl. Show her your purpose. Show her that thing that really makes you the unique snowflake that you are. Grab the guitar and do that open mic just for her. Do your comedy routine or make her a video that shows you care.


2. Thai Massage Class on MeetUp


The internet is the richest resource to find new and exciting things to do together. Sites like MeetUp and Eventbrite bring people together to share a common interest. I’ve come across everything from a group Thai massage class and Argentine Tango classes, to Food Crawl tours and meeting fellow Drupal developers in Austin, TX. You can find any group you are looking for, and even more that you never thought to look for. I can tell you from personal experience, Thai massage is not for the faint of heart - so much rubbing.


Use the internet to sharpen your spontaneity and try something new together. Most of these events are free and are very welcoming of new people. After all, that’s why they posted it to the internet - so don’t be shy. Go check out it for Valentine’s Day and let me know how Tango class goes!


3. Bike and Food Truck Tour



This is my favorite go-to when wanting to switch things up - the perfect combination of spending some quality time together, having fun, drinking, and eating. Sounds pretty amazing to me. Google “local food trucks” in town, find out where there is a concentration of a few, and take the bicycles around town. Depending on personal taste, this can also be a good screening process - some girls just aren’t the biking and food truck type. You gotta know these things.


If you don’t have a bike, many cities provide community bike share stations for a very cheap price. Start with bikes, food, and beer - see where the night takes you.


4. Project your Love with Social Media


For those that want want to share their PDA and use social media to do it, consider services like Eventstagram, Printstagram, and other social media sites. Eventstagram creates social media slideshows directly from your internet browser. Create a free slideshow with #JohnAndJane and tag some of your favorite photos. Then connect your computer to your TV and have a romantic, multi-media rich evening sharing some of your favorite moments together.


5. Show Her you Listen



You know those little things she thinks you never remember or even listened to? Now is the time to show her that you do and surprise her with a unique little-something that only she would like. Whether that happens to be a variety of flours (like Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction, above), a piece of jewelry she posted to her Pinterest page, or a unique addition to an old book collection - let her know you listen and care about the little things in her life.


6. Blindfold Roadtrip


edit 1


This idea is certainly not for a first date. Nothing screams “Get me outta here!” more than a guy handing over a blindfold to a girl on the first date. If you have been dating for a while and have already made overnight road trips together, add to the excitement of a road trip and make the destination a surprise for her. Find a nearby city with a cool wine tour or a state park and get back to nature by camping together and making sweet love by a roaring camp fire.


Whatever is your cup of tea - have a plan of stuff for you to do, come prepared with any road trip essentials like a custom playlist on Spotify. Take charge and surprise your woman.


7. Make Love with Nature


Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.53.53 PM


A low-tech, beautiful way to reconnect with each other and nature by spending some time outdoors. Pack up a backpack with food for the day, a bottle of wine, a blanket, and a Bluetooth speaker. Explore the outdoors and appreciate nature together by going on a hike, having a picnic outdoors in a park, or getting horizontal in a field. A ménage á trois - you, her, and nature.


This list will be sure to get the creative juices flowing to think of something unique and creative to impress that special girl in your life. Use your creative passions to show off to her, show her your spontaneous side, and do it without breaking the bank. The internet is your friend to find and create things that will make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable yet.